Submitted on Friday, 2/15/2019, at 1:36 PM

Amherst College’s newly-announced Climate Action Plan, that sets a goal for the College to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, drew the attention of news outlets in the region, including the Daily Hampshire Gazette, WWLP-22 News, and the Daily Collegian at UMass-Amherst.

At its January 25-26, 2019, meeting, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the College’s plan, which is consistent with Amherst’s strategic plan and the Board’s 2015 Statement on Sustainability and Investment Policy and follows President Biddy Martin’s recommendation to the Board.

“The financial costs of the Climate Action Plan will be substantial, but they will also be manageable with the support of our entire community and careful financial and budgetary decisions that allow us to pursue this important work alongside other key priorities,” Chairman of the Board of Trustees Andrew Nussbaum ’85 said in a letter quoted by the Gazette. “The plan represents a necessary investment in the future not just of our college but the world our graduates will inhabit.”