Submitted on Thursday, 6/13/2019, at 2:42 PM

Word of the $25 million gift from the late William McCall Vickery '57, largely to support the Emily Dickinson Museum, has been rippling out through press accounts.

“This is many, many times the size of a gift the museum has ever received,” Museum Executive Director Jane Wald told the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Pieces have also appeared through, WRSI-FM, Philanthropy News Digest, and Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

Vickery, a founding member of the board of governors for the Emily Dickinson Museum 16 years ago, championed a campaign to restore Emily Dickinson’s bedroom. Of the $25 million being given to the College’s endowment, approximately $22 million is being specifically earmarked for the maintenance and improvement of the museum’s buildings, grounds and collections. Part of the Vickery’s gift will be used to create the “William McCall Vickery ’57 Piano Fund” to fund the restoring, rebuilding, repairing and purchasing of pianos for the College’s music department.