Submitted on Thursday, 9/5/2019, at 9:55 PM

NPR’s Life Kit podcast devoted a segment to making the most of your first year of college, spoke with Amherst students Aniah Washington ’22 and Marco Trevino ’20 about taking advantage of faculty office hours and programs such as Amherst’s Summer Bridge Program, a three-week residential program that gives first-generation and/or low-income students a starting run on what Amherst College has to offer.

Rick Lopez, dean of new students and Chair of Latinx and Latin American Studies, and Amherst alum, spoke with NPR’s Elissa Nadworthy about the importance of finding connections in the face of imposter syndrome.

“Everyone from almost every background has that fear that they got in here by accident and that if you go in and talk to your professor, that's more and more possibility for them to discover that you're actually an idiot who got in by accident. That's scary,” but it’s important to take that step, he said.

A transcript of the podcast is available here.