Submitted on Friday, 12/13/2019, at 11:41 AM

Among the vanguard of entrepreneurs embracing legalized marijuana sales in Massachusetts is Brendan McKee '07, the CFO for Silver Therapeutics, which was the subject of a recent article by Masslive.

Silver Therapeutics has opened a recreational marijuana store in  Williamstown, and plans to use the profits to open two more stores, one with an educational campus, the trio told Masslive. “They are also planning to build a grow facility so they can sell to the medical marijuana market,” Masslive reported.

Silver Therapeutics is unusual among the state’s marijuana businesses because “they have no agreements with any multi-state conglomerate and no major investors outside of themselves, their friends and family,” Masslive reported.

“We’ve all made a lot of sacrifices.” McKee said. “I work every day all day to make this work. I know these guys do, too.”

“McKee, 35, a Hull native living in Quincy, has a background in business and sports. He played football at Amherst College, then played in a professional European football league, for the Austrian-based Danube Dragons. He helped found a nonprofit, Innercity Weightlifting, that mentors kids at gyms in Dorchester and Cambridge, teaching them to be personal trainers. He helped found Pedestal Footwear, a company that makes gym socks," Masslive wrote.