Submitted on Monday, 1/13/2020, at 12:36 PM

a Religious News Service piece on President Trump's outreach to evangelical Christians, writer Alejandra Molina consulted religion professor Lloyd Barba as an expert source.

Trump recently launched an “Evangelicals for Trump” initiative by visiting El Rey Jesús Global, a megachurch in Miami led by a Latino pastor who has visited the White House and publicly praised the president. The initiative came shortly after the magazine Christianity Today published an editorial supporting impeachment.

Barba spoke about El Rey Jesús Global’s official stance, that it is nonpartisan, not meshing with the pastor’s endorsement of Trump.

"While that church itself may not endorse a political candidate, or political party, the leaders of the church often do," Barba said, noting that in Pentecostal churches, pastors are not questioned.

"When you say you support a particular candidate because of your biblical conviction, for many congregants that will register as religious, as something that they're preaching," Barba added.