Submitted on Friday, 3/6/2020, at 7:00 AM

Looking at President Donald Trump’s upcoming trip to India, China Daily turned to Pawan Dhingra, professor of American studies, to ponder whether the Feb. 24 visit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state of Gujarat would help get Trump the Indian-American vote in the fall election.

"There is a great affection for Modi among many – not all –- Indian Americans, especially Hindus, but that does not translate into a similar affection for Trump,” Dhingra told China Daily.

"However, if Modi can make the case that Trump is good for India and for what Modi wants to accomplish both in India and for India worldwide, then that could matter for Indian Americans," he added. Still, he concluded, “I do not think most Indian Americans will vote for him.”

UPDATE: China Daily subsequently reported that the visit was "long on optics," and Dhingra added, "Trump's visit was more pageantry than substance."