Submitted on Friday, 9/24/2021, at 3:39 PM

A local news segment takes viewers on a tour of the President Calvin Coolidge Historic Site in Coolidge’s birthplace and childhood hometown of Plymouth Notch, Vt., highlighting an exhibit called More Than Two Words

Regional Site Administrator Bill Jenney tells the story behind the exhibit’s title: “Vice President Coolidge often had to go to dinner parties as part of his obligations. He apparently was seated next to a woman who told him that she had a bet with someone that she could get him to say more than two words during the dinner. And his response to her was ‘You lose.’” He adds, “We hope though, however, after people go through this exhibit they realize that Coolidge had a lot to say on many different subjects.”

More Than Two Words features such artifacts as Coolidge family photographs, an ornately carved chair given to the president by the people of Hungary, and a humidor from the people of Cuba. There is also a ballot box from Northampton, Mass., where Coolidge studied law and served as mayor.