Submitted on Thursday, 6/9/2022, at 4:16 PM

Best Lawyers presents a Q&A with Reddock-Wright about “her beginnings, her career, her new book, the impact of the pandemic on the workplace, the appointment of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and other topical legal issues.” She is the founder and managing partner of the Reddock Law Group of Los Angeles and a neutral with the California dispute resolution firm Judicate West.

In the wide-ranging Zoom talk with interviewer Sara Collin, Reddock-Wright mentions several highlights of her time as an English and political science major at Amherst, including directing and touring with the College’s Gospel Choir, “participating in the debate team and serving as a Resident Advisor for the Charles R. Drew Black Cultural House.” She credits her high school English teacher Ed McCatty ’75 with encouraging her to enroll at Amherst.

“Amherst also had an alumni-student mentorship program and both of my assigned mentors were lawyers,” Reddock-Wright says. “Based on seeing them in action and liking what I saw, law school seemed like a great choice for me. And I’m glad I chose that path because I absolutely love being a lawyer, and now a mediator and neutral.”