Submitted on Wednesday, 12/7/2022, at 3:57 PM

The Hindu – “Maths has the potential to connect us to universal truths that we can each access directly with our bodies and minds,” says Ravikumar, an assistant professor at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. He has developed Geometry of Vision, a series of interactive, open-source online learning modules for students in India.

“Ravikumar’s own journey into interactive learning has an unusual background,” writes Nahla Nainar. “Growing up in the U.S., he obtained a double major in Maths and English Literature from Amherst College, Massachusetts, before pursuing his Ph.D. in Maths at Rutgers University.” He has also worked as a theater artist and puppeteer.

The Geometry of Vision series is designed in e-book format and accessible through an “Interactive Sandbox” that Ravikumar developed with New York Times science writer Aatish Bhatia. “I hope this course can connect with a wide variety of learners, not only in terms of life experiences and mathematical backgrounds but also geographic locations,” he is quoted as saying. “One of the aspects I love most about Maths research is how it can bring together people of vastly different cultures, classes, and nationalities in a shared exploration.”