Submitted on Friday, 3/10/2023, at 4:37 PM

WCVB – “Sullivan is that friendly neighbor inviting you in for a meal and a beer,” says a Boston news segment highlighting Joe’s Café in Northampton, Mass. Sullivan has been running the popular restaurant since 2011, but it has been in her family since the 1970s.

Joe’s has “been operating out of this location since 1938,” Sullivan says. In the mid-1970s, her father and his business partner bought the establishment, and she took it over from them when they retired. The restaurant specializes in pizza and spaghetti, but Sullivan has added new menu items such as “Spanish-style mussels.”

The news segment features commentary from customers and a longtime employee, all of whom praise the restaurant’s inviting atmosphere. Sullivan talks about the distinctive decor, which includes murals depicting Argentine gauchos, as well as college pennants representing the academic successes of the many young neighbors who have grown up eating at Joe’s.