Forbes – “Clark’s large-scale, community-centered, and participatory projects are brought together for the first time during the exhibition Sonya Clark: We Are Each Other,” writes Chadd Scott. “The exhibition features six of Clark’s projects created through mass participation, two directly addressing the Civil War, a theme common to her artmaking.”

Those two Civil War-themed projects are Unraveling and Monumental Cloth, which were exhibited in the Mead Art Museum in 2018. More broadly, the six works in We Are Each Other—on view at the High Museum until Feb. 18, 2024—serve as a refutation of the individualism that is often prized in American culture and in the art world. On the contrary, Clark, Amherst’s Winifred L. Arms Professor in the Arts and Humanities and Professor of Art and the History of Art, sees every artwork and every human life as inherently collaborative.

“I'm inviting all of those other people to come in and make the work with me because that helps me understand the work better,” she is quoted as saying. “When we remember that we are each other—you are me, I am you—we’re not the same person, but we are both human beings … [it] allows us to say we’re complicated.”