The Boston Globe – Reporter Ed Symkus interviewed Daring and Stahl, friends who live in Marblehead, Mass., and have been performing and recording together since they first met in a Boston coffeehouse in 1973. 

“I went to Amherst College, then I was signed to Columbia Records with a band, but the band broke up just before our album. So, I decided to go to law school in Boston, at Suffolk,” Daring is quoted as saying. 

After that, Symkus writes, “Daring practiced entertainment law. He also wrote, edited, and directed TV commercials; began composing music for film soundtracks, including 18 directed by John Sayles; founded the Daring Records label; and made a self-titled solo album” in addition to his collaborations with Stahl.

“We rehearse even when we don’t have a gig,” Daring says. “Age takes a toll on voice and chops. But we’re still good. We’ll rise above the threshold. We’ve been playing together for 50 years. That doesn’t happen to people very often.”