SCVTV – “The goal of my art is that anyone who sees it feels seen and feels like they are important,” says Thomas, an MFA student at CalArts, in a video about her work in portraiture. Her exhibit Woven Roots is on view at the Canyon Country Community Center in Santa Clarita, Calif., until June 12.

“She graduated magna cum laude with Distinction from Amherst College in 2017 where she double majored in Sociology and Film & Media Studies,” says the accompanying article. Then “Thomas spent 6 years developing feature films at Netflix and The Walt Disney Company. However, her true interests led her to change careers and create the representation that she craved in the visual arts.”

Thomas, whose grandparents were artists, draws from her own heritage in her work, “blending original photos with urban materials to transcend traditional portraiture” and inviting audiences “to engage with the evolving narratives of Blackness in America.”