Two '93s Make List of Best Home Cooks

Submitted on Wednesday, 7/5/2017, at 4:00 PM

An Epicurious article on "The 100 Best Home Cooks of All Time" includes cookbook authors Ted Lee '93 (with brother Matt) and Jenny Rosenstrach '93, as well as Betty Rosbottom, who is married to Professor Ronald C. Rosbottom.

Amherst Recognized for Economic Diversity

Submitted on Thursday, 6/8/2017, at 12:39 PM

New York Times annual survey listed the College as the most diverse private institution—and most committed to economic diversity.

Fork in the River

Submitted on Thursday, 6/8/2017, at 12:37 PM

Gus Greenstein '14 and Austin Meyerwrote a multimedia feature on how ambitious dam projects in the Mekong River basin in Southeast Asia will transform the lives of tens of millions of people. The project builds on Greenstein's work as a 2014-15 Watson Fellow.

Professors Douglas and Sarat on James Comey

Submitted on Friday, 5/12/2017, at 11:14 AM

Writing inThe Guardian and U.S. News & World Report, respectively, Professors Lawrence Douglas and Austin Sarat comment on President Trump's firing of the FBI chief.

Quantum Computing: A Must for National Security

Submitted on Friday, 5/12/2017, at 11:12 AM

The race for a quantum computer is the new arms race, argues Idalia Friedson '15 in National Review.

A Student's Request to World Leaders

Submitted on Wednesday, 4/26/2017, at 3:26 PM

As Chinese President Xi Jinping met with President Trump, NPR spoke with Jasmine Shao '18 about what she'd like to hear from the two leaders.

Professor Stavans on Selfies

Submitted on Tuesday, 3/28/2017, at 2:45 PM

Inside Higher Ed reviewed I Love My Selfie, a new book by Ilan Stavans, the Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture. Stavans wrote about the purpose and meaning of these ubiquitous photos in the Winter 2017 Amherst magazine.

Taubman on Gorbachev

Submitted on Wednesday, 3/22/2017, at 11:28 AM

Professor William Taubman, whose biography on Nikita Khrushchev won a Pulitzer Prize in 2004, will release a much-anticipated book on Mikhail Gorbachev next fall. The Washington Post named the biography one of 10 books on leadership to read in 2017. Taubman is the Bertrand Snell Professor of Political Science, Emeritus.

Two Seniors on "Locker Room" Dialogue

Submitted on Wednesday, 3/8/2017, at 10:27 AM

In separate articles published in The Huffington PostSophie Currin '17 and David Lander '17 contribute to the ongoing discourse on "locker room talk."

Two Chronicle Articles Examine Student Divisions

Submitted on Wednesday, 3/8/2017, at 10:27 AM

The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article about "pernicious divisions" of race, class, gender and athletics at Amherst. In response, President Biddy Martin wrote an essay for the newspaper that addresses the article and places it in a broader societal context.