Three Alumni Join Experiment in U.S.-China Relations

Submitted on Tuesday, 8/29/2017, at 4:34 PM

CNBC went to China to follow the first cohort of Schwarzman Scholars, three of whom are Amherst alumni: Carlos Gonzalez Sierra '14 (whom the network profiled), Richard Altieri '15 and Servet Bayimli '16. Altieri gave a speech at the scholars' commencement.

Plan Now for the Next Solar Eclipse

Submitted on Tuesday, 8/29/2017, at 4:34 PM

"The eclipse that's happening in 2024 is going to be more significant in this region," Fred Venne, director of Amherst's Basset Planetarium, told New England Public Radio. "We'll be looking in the Amherst, Northampton, southern Vermont, northern Connecticut area at about close to 94, 95 percent coverage of the sun." 

A '95 Runner's Goal: Gold

Submitted on Tuesday, 8/29/2017, at 4:31 PM

Runner's World interviewed Rhea Parandelis Johnson '95, a former Amherst runner, now a psychiatrist, who competed as part of a relay race in the USA Track & Field Masters Outdoor Championships this summer.

Faculty Member Lauded for Her Contributions to the Digital Humanities Field

Submitted on Tuesday, 8/22/2017, at 11:10 AM

Inside Higher Ed named Professor Marisa Parham a rising star for her work "to lower barriers to both the digital humanities and black studies, which she synthesizes in her work with the 'black digital' — an understanding of digital as a figuration for the African-American experience."

Pritchard on Thoreau

Submitted on Tuesday, 8/22/2017, at 11:06 AM

In The Boston Globe, Professor Emeritus William H. Pritchard '53 reviews a new Henry David Thoreau biography. Pritchard will teach "Great English Writers" at Amherst this fall.

The Oldest Trick in His Book

Submitted on Tuesday, 8/22/2017, at 11:05 AM

Teller '69 (of magician duo Penn & Teller) explains on This American Life how hedeveloped a routine that, in the words of the show, is among his "most beautiful and puzzling." 

Meeting Unmet Needs

Submitted on Tuesday, 8/22/2017, at 11:04 AM

Amherst's Wade Fellow, Anthony Jack '07, was an undergraduate when he brought to the College's attention some hidden costs that burden low-income students. OnBoston Public Radio, President Biddy Martin and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Katie Fretwell '83 explain how Amherst now provides aid for bedding, winter coats, medical bills and other needs. 

When Patients Don't Get Better

Submitted on Tuesday, 8/22/2017, at 11:03 AM

"There are some people we can't fix, no matter what lab tests or imaging or drugs we order," writes third-year internal medicine resident Benjamin Gold '11 in a Houston Chronicle article on palliative care