The Common transports readers to unknown and inaccessible parts of the world—real and imagined.

The Common, Cover of Issue 10
The Common Issue 10 is now available for purchase.

If you love a good story—one with the power to transport you to a world other than your own—chances are you’ll love the newest issue of Amherst’s award-winning literary journal, The Common

With stories, essays and poems by 34 authors from countries around the world (China, France, Lebanon, Nigeria and South Africa, to name a few), Issue 10 takes us to the front row of a Lady Gaga concert, on a hitchhiking journey around Hungary and 1,000 years into the future.

Issue 10 marks The Common’s fifth anniversary. (The first issue officially debuted in April 2011, but its production began in fall 2010.) Since its debut, the biannual journal has published more than 560 authors from 25 countries and garnered international attention for its selections, editorial vision and design, efforts to bring place-based literature into classrooms around the country, and winning of two nationally competitive grants.

According to Jennifer Acker ’00, founder and editor-in-chief, The Common serves as a vibrant common space for the global exchange of ideas and experiences and, in doing so, aims to help launch the careers of young writers and editors around the world.

The Common Celebrates

The Common, pictures of panelists
From left to right: Jennifer Acker, Major Jackson, Jim Shepard, Karen Shepard and Ilan Stavans

At a time when some colleges and universities are closing down long-running literary journals or switching to online only, the continued success of a literary magazine at Amherst and its commitment to print is cause for celebration!

The Common hosted Discovery: New Writers, New Places, a celebratory event on Wednesday, Nov. 11, in the Amherst College Center for Humanistic Inquiry (Frost Library, second floor).

Acker moderated a panel conversation with esteemed authors Major Jackson, Jim Shepard, Karen Shepard and Ilan Stavans (an Amherst professor), focusing on the mentorship of creative talent, the development of literary careers and the discovery of the world around us through literature.

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