May 20, 2010

Although it may be optional for many academic departments, researching and writing an honors thesis has become a rite of passage for many an Amherst College graduate.

What follows is the list of senior honors theses completed by members of the Class of 2010.

American Studies

• Jessica Sun Choi, “The Price of Tribal Membership: Preserving Tribal Sovereignty and Protecting Indian Civil Rights in the Membership Disputes of Casino Tribes”

• Alex Joseph Davis-Lawrence, “America Abroad: An American Studies Documentary Film Thesis”

• Katharine Kelly Foote, “The Evolution of Communication Technology in Presidential Campaigns and Its Effect on Voter Turnout”

• Spencer Alan Haught, “Lives of Consequence: A History of Service Employees at AmherstCollege”

• Caitlin Louise Patterson, “Deconstructing a Neighborhood: A Case Study of Urban Decline in the Tremont Neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio”


• Zorina Ava Curry, “Elusive Identities: Nepali Women’s Experiences of HIV and Sex Work in Kathmandu”

• Raphaela Rae Levy-Moore, “Iceland: A People’s Struggle to Retain Identity in a Changing World”

• Rachel Anne Meketon, “The Open Access Movement: Disciplinary Visions Across Cyber-Space”

Art and the History of Art

• Michael Daniel Greenberg, “God is a Good Person”

• Ni Pan, “Bodily Integrity and the Gendered Landscape”

• Benjamin Vale Schweizer, “Everything You’re Doing is OK”

• Seguin Layton Strohmeier, “Constructing Authority: Anne of Austria’s Summer Apartments in the Louvre”

Asian Languages and Civilizations

• Charles Carter Hall, “Tales of the Brave Fish: Whaling, Nation and Nature in Contemporary Japan”


• Victoria Wing Allen, “Temperature-Sensitive Mutants of Dictyostelium discoideum: Trouble-Shooting for a cDNA Suppressor Screen”

• Phoebe Mark Arbogast, “Start Codon Mutations in C. elegans Can be Suppressed by Inactivation of Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay”

• Gabi Barmettler, “Nestling Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) as Bioindicators of Mercury Deposition in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts”

• Thomas Ray Beck, “Phylogeography of Lycium californicum: Intraspecific Variation in Sexual System and Ploidy Level”

• Cameron Elizabeth Farkas, “Intrinsic and Extrinsic Barriers to Emergent Hybrid Pathogens”

• Geoffrey Seth Jarett Giller, “The Female Purple-Throated Carib (Eulampis jugularis) and Pollinator-Mediated Selection in a Highly-Specialized Tropical Plant, Heliconia bihai

• Sulynn Machado, “Functional Characterization of a Putative Inner Arm Dynein Protein in Trypanosoma brucei

• Tracy Michelle Montgomery, “The Effect of 17α-Ethinyl Estradiol on Reproductive Endpoints in Betta splendens

• Esteban Leiva Parker, “Interactions Between P4-Type Transporters and Subunits in Ashbya gossypii

• Rebecca May Resnick, “Analysis of a Functional Difference Between the C. elegans Presenilin Proteins HOP-1 and SEL-12”

• Shaylon Blair Stolk, “Specialization in Action:  Pollinator-Mediated Selection on Heliconia caribaea by the Hummingbird Eulampis jugularis

Black Studies

• Makaula Ayanda Bam, “Comrades in Arms: Cuba and the ANC in the Struggle Agains Apartheid”

• Joan Victoria Flores-Villalobos, “West Indian Women in the Panama Canal Zone, 1904-1914”

• Eloise Titilayo Green, “Engendering Salvation: Womanist Theology and Contemporary Faith Praxis in the Church of God in Christ”

• Alexandre Ilani Rein White, “Decolonizing Aid: Microfinance, Economic Freedom and Post-Colonial Identity in Africa”

• Megan Constance Julieta Zapanta, “Place, Politics and Memory of Radical Activism: Rebuilding the Legacy of San Francisco’s International Hotel”


• Aaron Thomas Bozzi, “Determining the Ground State Geometry of the (E)-1-Chloro-1,2-Difluoroethylene-Hydrogen Fluoride van der Waals Complex Through Microwave Spectroscopy”

• Mary Elizabeth Broadbent, “Modeling the Potential Energy Surface of 1,1-Difluoroethylene Complexed with Hydrogen Fluoride”

• Alexandra Leigh Chang-Graham, “Isoprene Photooxidation Products in Environmental Chamber Studies and Mathematical Models”

• Hoiwan Cheung, “An Examination of the Amine Intercalation Chemistry and Ion Exchange Capacity of α-Zirconium Phosphate Clays”

• Jean-Nicolas Gallant, “Thiophene-Based Allele-Specific Inhibitors of the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase PTP1B”

• Leigh Kathleen Harris, “A Cell-Based Assay for Inhibition of Divergent Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases”

• Catherine Theresa Knuff, “Selectivity of Binding to Estrogen Receptors α and β as Determined by Fluorescence Polarization”

• Nathan Andrew Seifert, “The Synthesis of Isobenzofulvene and Its Naphthalene Analogue, a Potential Biradicaloid with a Triplet Ground State”

• Jonathan Todd Thrope, “Measuring and Modeling Mercury in the PioneerValley”

• Reid Laurence Wilson, “Preparation of Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites from Polycaprolactone and Magnesium Silicates”

•  Min Yao, “Ab initio Calculations of Total Electron Density and Electrostatic Potential in Fluorosubstituted Ethylenes”


• Michelle Marie Barron, “Textile Variety and the Iconography of the Arkteia”

• Alexandra Conway Schmidt, “The Poetry and Philosophy of Gastronomy in Horace’s Satires 2.2 and 2.6

Computer Science

• Nicholaus Gidion Mollel, “Neural Networks and Page Replacement”

• Yi-jing Tan, “The Foundations of the FM-Index:  Achieving Simultaneous Compression and Indexing”


• William Evans Hundley Braun, “Inflation Differentials, Price Differentials and Convergence in the Eurozone”

• Jackline Melisa Makena, “Why Governments Won’t Comply: A Kenyan Case Study of Non-Compliance in IMF Programs”

• Alexander Aaron Myers, “Stability of Risk Preference Estimates Over Payoff Horizons”

• Rebecca Abigail Sander, “The Effects of Foreign Aid on Rent-Seeking Incentives in the Presence of Ethnic Heterogeneity”

• Nicholas Keone Sugai, “The Effect of Early Entry to the NBA: An Examination of the 19-Year-Old Age Minimum and the Choice Between On-the-Job Training and Schooling for NBA Prospects”

• Jeffrey Allen Tucker, “A GM-Chrysler Merger: Effects on Consumer and Producer Surplus”

• Yana Yushkina, “The Determinants of Happiness and Its Changes: An Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data From Russia”


• Thomas Alden Anderson, “Pound: The Persona and the Poetry—Studies of Ezra Pound’s ‘Authorial Voice’ in Cathay, the Poetry of the Middle Years and The Waste Land

• Robyn Honi Bahr, “Lay Me Down in Peace”

• Christian Nicolás Desrosiers, “Understanding West Virginia by Understanding Time in the Work of Breece D’J Pancake”

• Carlyle Chilton Eubank III, “The Sound of Steinbeck”

• William Scott Fairhurst, “Finding Marjorie:  A Study of the Literary Life and Work of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings”

• Michelle Sarah Glick, “Art of Living:  Questions of Authorial Control and Conscientious Living in Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse

• Emily Grecki, “167”

• Alexander Guevarez, “Jumping to Conclusions: Poems”

• Charles Alexander Kaufman, “Hitchcock: Misogynist or Romantic?  An Examination of the Director’s Work and an Attempt to Dispel a Common View of It”

• Sharon Yoojin Kim, “They Come to Life in Solitude”

• Van Patrick King, “The ChicagoSchool”

• Nicholas McDuff Kramer, “Untenable, but Irresistible:  A Critical Portrait of Evelyn Waugh’s Early Novels in Four Essays”

• Matthew Rielly Lewis, “Here Be Dragons”

• Felice T. Ling, “The Beanstalk: A Novella”

• Nicholas Vincent Mancusi, “Turtles All the Way Down: A Novel”

• Deepti Sreekala Mandiyan, “Halos of Light”

• Christina Haydee Martinez, “Ernesto Hemingway: An Investigation into Pío Baroja’s Influence”

• Aaron Edgar Nathan, “The Promise of English:  Benjamin DeMott and the Faculty of the Imagination”

• Joshua William Nathan, “Prison Walls and Human Will: Literary and Foucauldian Representations of the Totalizing Penitentiary”

• Chelsea Neary, “Damsel Undistressed: The Power of Women in Arthurian Romance”

• Gina Isabel Rodriguez, “Tuesday Today, Tuesday Tomorrow”

• Sara Ashley Sligar, “‘Things in Life That We Focus On’: Artistic Creation, Exhibition, Historicization in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Work”

• Azlan Guttenberg Smith, “Pennyroyal and Other Stories”

• Margaret Anne Whittenberger, “W. B. Yeats’ Spiritual Theatre: Plays for Dancers, Irish Nationalism and the Occult”

Environmental Studies

• Samantha Ashley Ostrowski, “Cooperation, Contestation and Conservation: An Analysis of Peace Parks”

• Samuel Kessler Swenson, “(Offshore) Winds of Change: Lessons from the European Experience”

European Studies

• David Michael Crane, “Visions of Disorder: Sex, The War and Narrative in Parade’s End and Die Schlafwandler


• Elizabeth Holly Butterfield, “Looking for Truth:  Cultural and Historical Contexts of the Christian Science Movement in Francophone Africa”

• Susan Alexandra Sperling, “Corsican Folklore:  Myths and Legends”


• Alexander Brian Gonzalez, “Paleomagnetism of Early Cretaceous Turbidites Near Point Hamilton, Kupreanof Island, Alaska”

• Daniel Joseph Kekacs, “Mercury Contamination in Connecticut River Sediments”

• Benjamin Zachary Klein, “Metamorphism of Sillimanite-Garnet-Biotite-K-Feldspar Gneiss in the HighlandMountains of Southwest Montana”

• Allan Henry Lerner, “Eruption Dynamics of the 7.7 ka Driftwood Pumice-Fall, Makushin Volcano, Alaska”

• Samuel Edward Miller, “Microbiology and Geochemistry of the New Albany Shale and IllinoisBasin Coal Beds”

• Leslie Grace Moclock, “Strain Variation in Quartz in the Pelham Gneiss Dome”

• James Richard Swanson, Jr., “Metamorphic Evolution and P-T Path of Cordierite-Bearing Biotite-Sillimanite-Garnet Gneisses During the Big Sky Orogeny, Little Belt Mountains, Montana”


• Joyce Victoria Catsimpiris, “Domestic Danger: Women, Slaves and Loyalty in Homer’s Odyssey


• Cornelius Fitzpatrick Banta, Jr., “Insincere Neutrality:  British Consideration of Intervention in the American Civil War”

• Mason Scott Bradbury, “From ‘Enemy Aliens’ to ‘Friends of America’: World War II and the Crisis of Italian-American Identity”

• Nicole Catherine Cabrera, “Men of the Field in the Century of Agrocolonialism: The Conflated Histories of Twentieth-CenturyMexicanLand Reform, the Green Revolution and the Campesino”

• Ariadne Kristin DeSimone, “‘My Body has Become Sad’: Sexual Violence as a Weapon of Armed Conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Democratic Republic of Congo”

• Sophia Chalfant Galleher, “Conflicting Cultural Spaces: The Legacy of Land Grants and Cultural Conquest in the Southwest, Seventeenth Century to Present”

• Joshua Mayer Glasser, “The Eagleton Enigma: Morals, Politics and Science in the 1972 Election”

• Mark David Knapp, “First Impressions: American Perceptions of Pre-War Nazi Germany, 1933-1939”

• Nora Christine Lawrence, “An Imperfect Balance: The Code of Handsome Lake and the Seneca Struggle for Stability at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century”

• Julia Christine Merrill, “‘To Do So Much Good’: Classical Education and Women’s Reform in the Antebellum United States, 1780-1860”

• Katrina Lee Moreno, “Consuming Nature: A History of American Greenwashing”

• Evan Jason Peters, “Radiation and Radicals: Pacifists, Public Health and the Fallout Suits”

• Anirudh Venkatanarayan Rajashekar, “Close of Play: Cricket in America and the Gentlemen Who Played It, 1832-1928”

• Juliet Michele Silberstein, “

A Road
to Nowhere: Interstate Highways and Racialized Space in Omaha From 1939-2010”

• Jessica Anne Sleevi, “The “‘Toughest ‘Kid on the Street’: Environmentalism and Progressive Reform Photography”

• Peter Tang, “Their Finest Hours: Winston Churchill and Henry Pownall Remembering the Second World War”

• Katherine Helen Ward, “Private Docks, PublicPort: The Emergence of Public Control and Transformation of the Port of London”

• Jill Catherine Wexler, “Sarah Stickney Ellis: Her Life and Work”

Independent Scholar

• Matthew William Mendoza, “‘The Educator Must Himself Be Educated’: Learning to Teach and the Limits of ‘Socialization’”


• Elias Aba Milki, “Probing the Flexibility of Antibodies During Conjugation Using Single Molecule Spectroscopy”

• Trevor Alton Lewis, “Refugee Camps of Kenya: Profiting From ‘Chaos’”

• Ryan Andrew Milov, “A Natural Self”

• Katherine Margaret Nolan, “Development and War: A Look at the Link Between War and Development in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda”

• Anna Grable Reid, “Logics of Social Change: Disability in Christian Tradition”

Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought

• Samuel Scott Bauch, “Illegal Immigration as Tolerated Illegality: A Foucauldian Approach to Undocumented Immigration in the Modern United States”

• Kendall Victoria Dacey, “The Power of the Sovereign: Social Contract Theory in the Twenty-First Century”

• Krystyn April Elek, “Dangerous Consequences: Homosexual Suspicion in the United States Military and Its Effect on the Sexual Harassment of Female Service Members”

• Sarah Gornstein Gelles, “A More Equal Constitution: Proposed Revisions to the United States Constitution”

• Alyssa Christie George, “Socio-Economic Inconsistencies in Divorce and Sexual Assault Laws”

• Amanda Sue McGinn, “Be Our Guest: Agency Capture and Under-Enforcement in the United States’ Temporary Guest Worker Programs”

• Luke James O’Brien, “Fuller’s Fidelity to Law: Anatomy of a Misreading”

• Adam Barber Shniderman, “Constitutional Law and Mind Reading: The Use of fMRI Lie-Detection in the American Criminal Justice System”

• Hau-ran Howard Tsai, “‘Disability is Different’: The Americans with Disabilities Act and What Is (Still) Wrong With It”

• Lucy Ella Zhou, “Bodies of Law: The Biopolitical Regulation of Prenatal Testing in the United States”


• Benjamin Godfrey Krause, “Plane Curves and Their Singularities”

• Michael Charles Kreisel, “A Classification of Euclidean Surfaces with Conical Singularities”

• Samuel Sullivan Schiavone, “Cloaking and Invisibility by Change of Variables”

• Andrey Todorov Tagarev, “Speech Recognition with Artificial Neural Networks”


• Caroline Frances Edmundson, “Western Classical Music in Morocco: Occidentalism, Postcolonialism and the Politics of Performance”

• Samuel Simon Friend, “The One of Us: A Thesis in Music Composition”

• Andrew Frater Holgate, “Requiem”

• Hana Kommel, “Sonata Structure, Musical Topic, Texture and Rhythmic Development in the Brahms String Sextets”

• Deidra Michelle Montgomery, “Treading Sacred Ground: The Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Community and Its Adoption and Adaption of a Southern Tradition”

• Nathan Robert Olson, “Missa Brevis in E-Minor”

• Joseph German Smeall, “Sing to the Hours: The Maryhill Canticles”


• Sophia Lauretta Cai, “Investigation of the Organizational Effects of Gonadal Hormones on the Display of Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors Induced by a Phencyclidine Model of Schizophrenia”

• Rachel Ann Cameron, “The Phencyclidine Animal Model of Schizophrenia: Investigation of the Age-Dependent Effects of PCP on Anhedonia and Anxiety”

• Pallabi Guha, “Exploring the Functionality of the EF-Hand Motif of Protein CMF 63 in Flagellar Motility in Trypanosoma brucei

• Eric Justin Holaday, “The Influence of Sex Chromosome Complement and Gonadal Sex on Vasopressin mRNA Levels in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis in Mice”

• Clare Elisabeth Howard, “Characterization of a sao-1 Deletion Allele in C. elegans: New Clues About Its Developmental Function”

• Debbie Chenfei Jiang, “The Role of the Parabrachial Nucleus in Mediating Melanocortin-Induced Anorexia”

• Chido Loveness Kativhu, “The Role of Vasopressin in the Emergence of Social Play in Rats”

• Daniel Wonsoon Kim, “Investigating Sex Differences in the Effects of 14-Day Withdrawal from a Single-Phencyclidine Injection on Corticosterone Response, c-Fos Induction and N-methyl D-aspartate Receptor Subunit Expression Following Elevated Plus Maze Testing”

• Ashley Marie Rivera, “Flow Cytometric Analysis of Nuclear Envelope Precursor Vesicles”

• Sanjay Michael Salgado, “The Delayed Effects of a Single Dose of PCP on Elevated Plus Maze Behavior in Rats: Implications for the Glutamate Model of Schizophrenia”

• Thuzar Thein, “Investigation of RegA as a Ubiquitinated Target of FbxA During Dictyostelium discoideum Development”

• Alina Tsareva, “Interactions Between Lem3p Mutants and P4-Type ATPases of S. cerevisiae


• Jordan Spencer Hoch, “An Evolutionary Argument Against Moral Realism”

• Andrew Timothy Werner, “Different Distances: Diamond and McDowell”


• Daniel Victor Freilich, “Real-Time Experimental Visualization of Bose-Einstein Condensates with One and Two Vortices”

• Vikyath Deviprasad Rao, “Searching for Interference of Flux-Tunnelling Paths in the Microwave-Driven Single Cooper-Pair Transistor”

• Rachel Stefania Ruskin, “A Quantitative Analysis of Voltage-Gated Potassium Ion Channel Transitions”

• Dean Uwemedimo Udom, Jr., “Improving the Experimental Precision of a Solid-State Electron EDM Search”

Political Science

• Robert Francis Abbey, “Nuclear Deterrence’s Gravest Test: The Cuban Missile Crisis”

• Olutosin Omolola Akinyode, “Localization of Democracy in Africa: Problems and Prospects—A Case Study of Nigeria and Ghana”

• Tauhid Sayeed Bin Kashem, “Politics in Times of Nothingness”

• Caroline Marie Darmody, “Dignity and Dissent: An Argument for Judicial Abolition of the Death Penalty in the United States”

• Robert Dayton Denious, Jr., “Democracy, Capitalism and Climate Change: A Study of the United States Political Effort to Respond to Planetary Climate Change”

• Jordan Michael Gilbertson, “Governance and Authority in the Internet Age: The New Politics of State Power”

• Elspeth Victoria Hansen, “Nuclear Arms Control in the Post-Cold War Era”

• Jean-Marie Davy Christophe Hébé, “Social Roots of the Smart Mob”

• Amanda Lee Liverzani, “Regulating China’s Population: The One Child Policy and Biopolitical Power”

• Daniel James Murner, “James Wilson and the Source of Political Obligation”

• Ameerah Churney Phillips, “Beyond Holiness: An Examination of Jerusalem as a Microcosm of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”

• Eric Joshua Schultz, “The Use and Misuse of the Referendum in Modern Latin America: Implications for the Quality of Democracy”

• Erik Levy Schulwolf, “Ideological Development in Religious Nationalist Movements in Iran, Turkey and Israel: The Role of Political Circumstances”

• David Myer Temin, “Staging Interruptions: On Agamben’s Biopolitics”

• David George Turbiner Ullman, “The Political Economy of Urban Congestion Pricing”

• Anjie Zheng, “French Exceptionalism and Political Identity: A Reassessment of the May 1968 Student and Worker Protests”

• Yinian Nicol Zhou, “Afghanistan: America’s Imperial War”


• Timothy John Baer, “‘Dumb Jock? Isn’t That a Redundant Term?’: How Stereotype Threat Promotes Academic Self-Handicapping Behavior in Student-Athletes”

• Katherine Donnetta Black, “A Balancing Act: How Black and White Women Define Success”

• Linh Dieu Bui, “‘I’m like a chameleon. I change my personality.’: A Study of Asian American Women’s Gendered Behavior in American and Asian Contexts, and Its Psychological Consequences”

• John Patrick D’Angelo, “The Effects of Underpayment and Overpayment Inequity on Performance: Evidence from Major League Baseball Players”

• Vincent John DiForte III, “Brains Over Brawn: The Impact of Stereotype Threat on the Student-Athlete Identity”

• Carolina Ivonne Feris, “Do You Realize How Thin She Is?: The Effects of Social Information about Peers’ Body Shape and Weight-Control Measures on Women’s Self-Evaluations and Intentions”

• Rebecca Margaret Glazer, “Investigating Eyewitness Memory: The Influence of the Verbal Overshadowing Effect and Visual Self-Assessment Lie Detection Training on the Reliability of Eyewitness Evidence”

• Stephanie Lynne Grossman, “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old: The Association Between Intimacy Goals, Attachment Styles and the Transition to College”

• Andrea Jaramillo, “Anticipatory Effects of Racial Diversity on Mock Jurors’ Decision Making and Information Processing”

• Jesse Alix Jokinen, “Working to Close the Gap: An Examination of the Effectiveness of the Pipeline Scholars Program in the Amherst Regional Public Schools”

• Jessica Lynn Mestre, “Rebels with a Cause: The Impact of Group Membership on Evaluations of Moral Rebellion”

• Anne Saxon Morrow, “The Role of Coordination Disorders in Understanding Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder”

• Jennifer Ho Lan Ouyang, “In Sync: The Effects of Rhythmic Synchronization on Joint Task Performance”

• Emily Sophia Rackleff, “The Effect of State and Trait Anxiety on Autobiographical Memory”

• Elizabeth Louise Tepe, “To What Degree Can Gender Influence Memory?:  The Effect of Gender Identity Activation on Self-Defining Memory”

• Wen Zhang, “Regulation of Moral Superiority and Perceptions of Social Acceptance in Differing Group Contexts”


• Annie Choi, “From Awkwardness to Spiritual Transcendence: The Construction of the Non-Feminine Ideal in Elena Guro’s Work”

• Ian Dimitri David, “The Poetic Process and the Continuation of Culture: Osip Mandelstam’s Grifel’naia oda and V Peterburge my soidemsia snova


• Aileen Kim, “The Woman Equ-Asian: The Identity Formation of Queer Asian American Women”

• Mary Doris Reggie, “The Emergence of Micro-Lending: A Path to Economic Development Through the Empowerment of Women”


• Jeffrey David Chambers, “La representación artística de la homosexualidad durante la transición: Una mirada a la literatura catalana y el cine vasco”

• Sarah Esther Conway, “Embarazo e interculturalidad: La cosmovisión mapuche en el siglo XXI”

• Scott Efrem London, “Working the Dream?: A Case Study of the Perpetuation of the Low-Skill Latin American Labor Force”

• Tanika Paz Vigil, “Cuerpos, poder y resistencia: Hacia una reapreciación de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo”

Theater and Dance

• Harold David Aarons, Jr., “in Wonderland”

• Tanya Galliher Jackson, “Falling in Love with a Miracle: On Acting/Living Cloud Tectonics by José Rivera”

• Brooke Ann McVety Bishop, “From A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Midsummer: A Senior Project in Directing”

• Sarah Abigail Skeist, “Making The Mistakes Madeline Made: A Discussion of My Work in The Mistakes Madeline Made by Elizabeth Meriwether”

• Teana Nadia White, “Look Who’s Playing in the Playground”

Women’s and Gender Studies

• Siobahn Eve Kinney, “Sexual Pleasure as Development: Shaping a Human Right of Play, Pleasure and Capabilities”