"Unconventional Wisdom About Election 2012" (NOTE CHANGE OF DATE AND LOCATION)

"What the Media Get Wrong About Presidential Campaigns"

November 1, 2012 - 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (already occurred)

Is Mitt Romney too stiff to be president? Does Barack Obama need to show more passion to be re-elected? The media often suggest that the answers to questions like this will determine the presidential election, but the evidence often tells us a different story. On Nov. 1, Brendan Nyhan, a political scientist at Dartmouth College and media critic, will analyze the state of the presidential election and the way it is being covered in the press. Nyhan previously co-edited "Spinsanity," a non-partisan watchdog of political spin, and co-authored "All the President's Spin," a "New York Times" bestseller. He currently blogs for "Columbia Journalism Review" about coverage of the 2012 campaign and has been called one of "a new breed of conscientious political science bloggers" who are "creating reputational hazards to seat-of-the-pants punditry."

(Originally scheduled for Oct. 29 in Stirn Auditorium, this event will now take place on Nov. 1 in the Alumni House.)

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