SHIFT: LiNK Fall 2012 Campaign

Bringing Nomads from LiNK Headquarters

November 6, 2012 - 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (already occurred)

Concentration camps didn't disappear with the fall of the Nazi empire: they still prevail in North Korea, one of the most politically restrained countries in the world. Even if defectors successfully escape to China, they face economic hardship, and, once caught by Chinese authority, immediate repatriation back to North Korea, where worse punishments await.

The Nomads, a group of traveling activists dedicated to the human crisis in North Korea, are coming to Amherst to present their Fall 2012 Campaign: SHIFT. Come to the film screening to learn more about the critical situations of deprivation of freedom, refugee crisis with China and how you can help. Drop by in the midst of the Presidential Election and see what the complete opposite of freedom of speech is like.

This event is hosted by LiNK and co-sponsored by AAS and Student Activities. Pizza and refreshment will be provided.

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Ms. Jenny Y. Xiao
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