Spanish Film Festival: "The Death of Pinochet"

April 10, 2013 - 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm (already occurred)

On Dec. 10, 2006, Gen. Pinochet died in Santiago’s Military Hospital. For 24 hours, his death reawakened the political divisions that marked Chile’s recent history with dictatorship, death and violence. In "The Death of Pinochet," Bettina Perut and Ivan Osnovikoff use original footage and the testimonies of four characters who lived through that day to relate the end of a key chapter in Chile’s history. A work that balances tragedy and comedy, it is a surprising portrait of Chilean society. In observing and giving voice to a group of Chilean people on a very special day in that country’s history, Perut and Osnovikoff show the same provocative spirit that they demonstrated in their previous film, "Noticias" ("News"). By the time of his death, Pinochet had not held power in Chile for several years. However, this fascinating documentary shows that although Pinochet may now be gone, he has certainly not been forgotten.

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