Lip Sync is Here!

Room Draw Competition

April 3, 2013 - 9:00 pm

The grandest competition of them all is upon us. No not the Super Bowl. Not the Olympics. Not the Hunger Games. Lip Sync. That's right, everyone's
favorite (faux) singing and dancing competition has arrived, and the rights to Room Draw Glory will be on the line. Come see your closest friends and unknown peers strut their stuff, procure their props and sync their lips so they can turn that bottom-pick dud into a top-of-the-list stud.

Additional Info

Your hosts for the evening will be non-other than the incredibly talented and incredibly red-haired Reilly Horan and the nobody-turned-best-friend-of-Rachel-Maddow Eric Sullivan. The festivities kick off at 9pm on Wednesday April 3rd in Johnson Chapel!

Contact Info

Eric Sullivan
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