Sustainable Study Abroad

Living Routes Info Session

September 23, 2013 - 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm (already occurred)

Living Routes offers study-abroad programs in sustainable communities, including Auroville in India, Findhorn in Scotland, IPEC in Brazil, Kibbutz Lotan in Israel, Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica and Sachamama in Peru. Students in a variety of majors, from colleges and universities throughout the country, participate in these programs and often describe their Living Routes experiences as “life-changing.” Students in Amherst's environmental studies and Anthropology majors in particular may find that Living Routes programs align well with their learning and career goals. All Living Routes programs emphasize systems thinking and interdisciplinary learning, and each program has a unique focus. For example, in Costa Rica the program focuses on the interplay of tropical ecology, international development and social justice, and in Scotland the program focuses on the human challenges of sustainability. Living Routes programs are fully credited by UMass Amherst. To learn more, come to the information session, and visit the Living Routes website at

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