Parallels Series: Roomful of Teeth, Vocal Octet

March 7, 2014 - 8:00 pm

Roomful of Teeth is an octet of classically trained singers drawing upon traditions and techniques from around the world to reimagine ensemble vocal performance for the 21st century. With performances that have been described as “world music rock concert high-wire act[s],” Roomful of Teeth sings concerts of new music commissioned from today’s brightest composers, including the group’s own Caroline Shaw, winner of a 2013 Pulitzer Prize. Amherst’s encounter with Roomful of Teeth promises to be vibrant and exciting as the group redefines their genre in both repertoire and style.

“Their singing is fiercely beautiful and bravely, utterly exposed.... It’s just these eight voices gleefully filling up a huge amount of space, and drawing upon a whole world’s worth of non-traditional techniques.” --NPR

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