"The Great River: Telling Stories of Violence, Colonialism and Place After King Philip's War"

Christine DeLucia, Assistant Professor of History, Mount Holyoke College

October 9, 2013 - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (already occurred)
Beneski Museum of Natural History, Paino Lecture Room

Christine DeLucia specializes in indigenous and colonial histories of North America, particularly in the Northeast/New England. Her current research is on the conflict known as King Philip's War (1675-1678), which violently transformed Algonquian and Euro-American settler communities in the late 17th century. This war-- one of the formative events of early America --did more than momentarily disrupt these societies. It dramatically altered the balance of power in the Northeast and shaped how subsequent generations have understood themselves, their entangled histories and their presence on lands that remain disputed. As DeLucia’s work shows, memories of this war and related violences continue to inflect discourses about sovereignty, dispossession, decolonization and regeneration.

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