"...Not Even Love": An Original Composition Thesis by Johnny Citarelli '14

February 1, 2014 - 7:00 pm

"...Not Even Love" is an album that, as a cohesive unit, chronicles the story of two lovers, but not in the sense of a traditional plot arc. Instead, the lyrics go deep inside the psyches and hearts of each of the two characters, exploring their respective emotional journeys through the twists and turns, the rise and fall of the relationship. The instrumental pieces and breaks, instead of playing the function of an interlude, as is more common, serve to drive the plot, portraying events and changing the mood, to which the characters then respond. The album is a series of songs combining the styles of rock/progressive rock and Western choral music, bringing together a full band and full chorus in various combinations. Solo vocalists portray the characters in different stages and moods. The chorus serves a multifaceted purpose, sometimes being an observer, an omniscient commenter, much like a Greek chorus, and sometimes being used for one character, or both, to more emphatically and grandly express their emotions. The concert is free and open to the public; seating is by general admission.

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