"Taking a Passion for Statistics to the Classroom, into the MOOC World and Back Again"

Talk by Lisa Dierker of Wesleyan University

March 24, 2014 - 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm (already occurred)

This presentation will describe an National Science Foundation-funded, multidisciplinary, project-based model for teaching introductory statistics that directly and creatively tackles many of the most significant challenges currently faced by introductory statistics instructors and students. The curriculum is aimed at taking advantage of students' natural curiosity and providing a common language for approaching questions across numerous scientific disciplines. Core features of this curriculum include providing opportunities for students to flexibly apply their knowledge, the use of real-world data, computing as a window to core statistical concepts, and supporting students with varying levels of preparation. I will also include information on the course as a MOOC (massive open online course) and how experiences with that delivery format are now shaping our thinking about the classroom experience at Wesleyan and our partner institutions.

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