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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Wed, Mar 10, 2021

Page from early modern manuscript recipe book

CHI Salon: "Before Farm to Table: Early Modern Foodways and Cultures"

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Virtual, Zoom

This salon features a presentation by five students selected this past fall as Folger Undergraduate Fellows. The Fellows took part in an intensive seminar during January term to work in close collaboration with Folger staff and with a group of postdoctoral researchers to engage in a 360-degree investigation of an 18th-century manuscript recipe book from the Folger Shakespeare Library collection. Students examined how the book was put together; investigated its users, contributors and sources; and identified seasonal ingredients, preservation methods and ingredients made available through trade routes and institutionalized slavery. They transcribed, edited and adapted recipes, uncovered implicit knowledge and hidden labor encoded in the recipes, and even recreated selected recipes.

Student presenters: Sarah Edelson '23, Hildi Gabel '21, Maddie Hahm '23, Kate Lester '22, and Anna Smith '22.

Folger Shakespeare Library staff: Dr. Heather Wolfe, curator of manuscripts; Dr. Amanda Herbert, associate director of fellowships

The Folger Shakespeare Library is one of the world’s premier research libraries. Its founder, Henry Clay Folger, graduated from Amherst in 1879 and bequeathed the Library to Amherst upon his death in 1930.

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Photo of Dr. Joseph Sebarenzi

Joseph Sebarenzi: "From Bitterness to Forgiveness: A Personal and National Restorative Approach After the Rwandan Genocide"

Dr. Joseph Sebarenzi, former head of the Parliament of Rwanda, has endured tragedy most of us cannot fathom. He lost both his parents, seven siblings and numerous other relatives in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Yet, years later, as a senior government official in a position to exact revenge, he instead pushed for peace and reconciliation. Dr. Sebarenzi tells his dramatic and historic story and imparts a message of forgiveness and restorative justice. His book is entitled God Sleeps in Rwanda.

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