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Monday, October 5, 2020

Mon, Oct 5, 2020

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Demystifying the Internship Search Process — Hosted by the Loeb Center's Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program

Are you ready to search for a summer internship or research opportunity, but need to know where to start? Have you started looking for opportunities, but feel like you’re not having much luck? Consider attending this workshop to learn tips you can use to search for and secure the right internship or research opportunity for you.

Topics covered in this workshop include:
--Goals and priorities to guide your internship search
--Advantages and disadvantages of different search methods (using job boards, cold calling companies, networking)
--Overview of crafting effective applications and the interview process
--Staying organized and on track with your applications
--Handling multiple internship offers

Note: This workshop will fulfill the Internship Preparation Workshop requirement for the Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program. Learn more about the Program here:

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Introduction to Careers in Science and Technology — Hosted by the Loeb Center

Are you fascinated by the world around you? Do you like asking questions and finding creative ways to find their solutions? Do you want to explore new ideas no one has thought of before?

The fields of science and technology and associated areas of engineering and mathematics offer opportunities in both the "classic" STEM areas, as well as new paths that are expanding daily as new discoveries are made.

Come join Dr. Carolyn Margolin, Director of the Loeb Center's Careers In Science and Technology Program, as she discusses the range of opportunities in the STEM fields and how Amherst students can best prepare for them. Regardless of experience level, attendees will leave this session with an understanding of:
· potential career trajectories
· industry timelines for internships and jobs, and
· Loeb Center resources designed to support your search.

Zoom Info Session: Study to Oxford and Cambridge in 2021-2022

Study abroad to Oxford or Cambridge can be an excellent enhancement to your Amherst academic experience! With the tutorial style of teaching, study to the Oxbridge colleges (small colleges make up the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge) is often compared to graduate study. Students take tutorials with expert “tutors,” faculty and final year PhD students, and strengthen their research, writing, and oral argument skills.  In addition to this unique and challenging academic environment, students have the opportunity to live alongside local students and participate fully in college life. This session will teach you the ways you can apply for study to Oxford or Cambridge, e.g., direct enrollment, through a provider, and you will also learn what special arrangements we have, i.e., New College at Oxford. Students who have studied abroad will also be attending and share with you their perspective. Application deadlines to study at Oxford or Cambridge are earlier in the year than most study abroad programs and attending this session will provide you with timelines, deadlines, and other important details.

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QRC: Questioning/Exploring Affinity Space

An affinity space hosted by the Queer Resource Center for students looking for an open space to talk to others who are exploring or questioning their gender, sexual, and/or romantic identities! Participants are encouraged to participate in the degree you feel comfortable (feel free to join without your camera, mic, and to communicate using the chat function).

If you have any questions or concerns, or accessibility needs, please contact Jxhn at

Please join us via Zoom:

Students Only

AAS Senate Meetings

AAS Senate holds their general assembly meeting every Monday @ 8:30 PM EDT, which is open to the public! As we work on making these meetings accessible to the public in a remote setting, if you would like to submit a Public Comment (any concerns or suggestions) to bring forward/read to the Senate, please submit it here: