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Friday, November 10, 2017

Fri, Nov 10, 2017

Office Hours with Alice Lynch, Director of Lesley University’s Teaching Apprentice Program (TAP)

Alice Lynch, director of Berwick Academy/Lesley University's collaborative Teaching Apprentice Program (TAP), will be coming to campus to host 20-minute informational meetings for juniors and seniors interested in learning more about the graduate teaching program.

Berwick's TAP is designed for highly motivated, intellectually curious adults who want to participate in a comprehensive and enriching teacher residency program. The TAP offers a purposeful blend of hands-on teaching experiences and graduate courses, resulting in a Masters of Education degree in fourteen months. Each teaching apprentice in this field-based program works full-time under the guidance of experienced Berwick Academy faculty mentors for an entire academic year while taking Lesley University courses.

Sign up in Quest for a 20-minute appointment. This is an opportunity to have a 1-on-1 conversation with the TAP program director, during which you can ask questions about how the program works and gain advice on how to submit a strong admissions application package.

The TAP is also holding an information session for interested students at 12:30 p.m. in the Loeb Center. Lunch will be provided for participants.

Chinese Language Table

The Chinese language table will meet this semester every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 12-1 p.m. in the conference room below Valentine Dining Hall. Come join us to practice your Chinese!

Spanish Table

Do you want to practice your Spanish language skills during lunch? Join us at the weekly Spanish Table!

The Spanish Table is an informal way to practice and improve your Spanish language skills, and a fun opportunity to meet new people. It is held every Friday, from noon to 2 p.m., on the Mezzanine Level of Valentine Dining Hall. Students of all levels, faculty, staff and community members meet weekly in a relaxed setting over lunch. No need to register! Just grab some lunch and go upstairs!

Korean Language Table

The Korean Language Table will meet this semester on Fridays, from noon - 1 p.m., in Terrace Room B on the lower level of Valentine Dining Hall. All are welcome!

Colorful event poster showing a man holding a can of gold spray paint in his paint-covered hand

Documentary Film Screening: "Mele Murals"

Come to a screening of the documentary Mele Murals with director Tadashi Nakamura on Friday, Nov. 10, in Keefe Theater Room 008.

Mele Murals is a documentary of the transformative power of modern graffiti art and ancient Hawaiian culture for a new generation of Native Hawaiians.

Caution: thesis writing in progress

Thesis Table at Val

Friday Thesis Table at Val is a new weekly event for thesis writers to discuss various facets of the thesis experience. Your hosts will provide discussion prompts, and all thesis writers are welcome to join—to listen, to ask questions, to share advice, to commiserate. Upstairs in Val, every Friday starting October 27, 12-1 p.m. Look for the reserved table!

Sponsored by the Writing Center and the Library.

Students Only

Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) Information Session

The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) is a global network of researchers who use randomized evaluations to answer critical policy questions in the fight against poverty. The 145 affiliated professors in J-PAL's network are based at 49 top universities around the world, and there are more than 300 dedicated research, policy, education and training staff across research centers at academic institutions in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and South and Southeast Asia.

J-PAL North America has a full-time staff of more than 30 researchers, policy experts and administrative professionals, and works across a range of sectors including health care, housing, criminal justice, education and labor markets. J-PAL is currently recruiting for both international and domestic positions. This information session is an opportunity for interested students to find out more about J-PAL and its hiring opportunities.

How the Humanities Prepare You for Careers in Business

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Greenway A, Event Space

Join us for an alumni panel (and free lunch) to hear from four Amherst alumni who have parlayed humanities majors — from English to Black Studies to Religion — into executive jobs spanning business and brand development, marketing and product management in various sectors. Bring your questions about finding jobs, using the alumni network, and how to talk about your humanities major during the job search process!

Featured alumni:
Adam Alfandary ‘10 – Uber
Matt Collins ‘94 – Simulmedia, Inc.
Kathleen Evans ‘07 – Conductor, Inc.
Ania Wieckowski ‘03 – Harvard Business Review Press

Jennifer Lawless: “Why Women Don’t Run for Office and What Happens When They Do”

Claims of bias against female candidates abound in American politics. From superficial media coverage to gender stereotypes held by voters, the conventional wisdom is that women routinely encounter a formidable series of obstacles that complicate their path to elective office. Jennifer Lawless presents original research to refute this prevailing view and argues that the declining novelty of women in politics, coupled with the polarization of the Republican and Democratic parties, has left little space for the sex of a candidate to influence modern campaigns. When they run for office, male and female candidates not only perform equally well on Election Day-- they also face a very similar electoral landscape. The main reason women remain under-represented is that they’re less likely to emerge as candidates in the first place. Lawless will discuss the factors that contribute to this gender gap in political ambition and recommend strategies for closing it.

*Lawless' research is on women candidates running for Congress in general elections in 2010 and 2014. The women candidates in these years were all cisgender.

For more information about this event, contact wgc@amherst.edu.

life stories

Life Stories with Grace Karanja '18

The Life Stories series provides a forum to foster empathy and community through sharing stories of challenge, growth and learning. At each lunch, a student, faculty or staff member talks about an aspect of their lives that may be meaningful to others, followed by questions and comments. Lunch is provided. This event is sponsored by Mental Health Promotion and the Wellness Team.

#StopItNow Event

What can we do to create a community where unwanted touching is challenged and prevented? How can we make parties and events safe for all of our students? Join us on Friday from 12-2 p.m. at the Keefe fire pit to learn some new skills or brush up on some old ones, learn about resources in our community, help us brainstorm solutions to make parties fun and safe for everyone and enter to win some cool prizes. Sexual Respect Education, Peer Advocates of Sexual Respect, Student Health Educators, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, The Office of Title IX and ACPD will have resources and information for Amherst students.

Berwick Academy/Lesley University Teaching Apprentice Program (TAP) Info Session

Berwick Academy and Lesley University’s Collaborative Teaching Apprentice Program (TAP) offers a purposeful blend of hands-on teaching experiences and graduate courses, resulting in a Masters of Education degree in fourteen months. Each teaching apprentice in this field-based program works full-time under the guidance of experienced Berwick Academy faculty mentors for an entire academic year while taking Lesley University courses. Our apprentices develop the knowledge and skills essential for successful teaching while earning legitimate work experience at one of New England’s finest independent schools.

Berwick's TAP is designed for highly motivated, intellectually curious adults who want to participate in a comprehensive and enriching teacher residency program. Join Alice Lynch, TAP director, to learn more about the program and its application processes.

Lunch will be provided for participants!

Lynch will also be holding private office hours from 9 a.m.–12 p.m. in the Loeb Center for students to have 1-on-1 conversations, during which you can ask questions about how the program works and gain advice on how to submit a strong admissions application package. RSVP through Quest to reserve a 20-minute appointment. Space is limited.

Summer Experience Symposium: Day 4

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm Multiple Locations (See description for details)

Thinking of a summer internship? Curious about summer research? The summer is an incredible opportunity for intellectual growth, skill development and career exploration. Join us at this multi-day symposium to learn how other Amherst students spent their past summer and how you can plan for this summer!

For more information, you can find the Summer Experience Symposium on the Whova app, or on the webpage below.

*We will raffle off one mammoth stuffed animal per event to session attendees.

Happening today:

Facts & Snacks: Open Hour with the Office for Campus Diversity & Student Leadership
1:30–2:30 p.m. in Room 204, Keefe Campus Center

Session 9: Popcorn Pop-Up
3–4 p.m. in Room 102, Keefe Campus Center

Queer Talk

Join the Queer Resource Center and our queer counselors, Dr. Darien & Dr. Erickson, for a weekly discussion about experiences and topics related to the queer/trans community at Amherst. There will be snacks, company and great conversation!

"In Defense of Voting Rights": Colloquium on the Constitution and the Imagining of America

On Friday, Nov. 10, in the Center for Humanistic Inquiry at the Frost Library, the Colloquium on the Constitution and the Imagining of America will reconvene to discuss the topic of “In Defense of Voting Rights.” Guest speakers will be Catherine E. Lhamon '93, chair of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and Justin Levitt, professor at Loyola Law School and former deputy assistant attorney general in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. This event is sponsored by the Colloquium on the Constitution and the Imagining of America and the Sperling Fund.

Trans Empowerment Week: Craftivist

Join the Queer Resource Center and the Women's and Gender Center (WGC) for a Trans Empowerment Week Craftivist project. We will be celebrating the powerful and beautiful legacies of trans women of color by making posters in the WGC. For more information, contact wgc@amherst.edu

Amherst College Mathematics and Statistics Connecticut Valley Colloquium

Rachel Ward, University of Texas at Austin
Mathematics for k-means clustering and beyond

Abstract: Under the hood of any modern algorithm for "big data" analysis is a step where the data is clustered into a smaller number of groups. The most widely-used clustering objective is the k-means algorithm, which aims to partition a set of n points into k clusters in such a way that each observation belongs to the cluster with the nearest mean, and such that the sum of squared distances from each point to its nearest mean is minimal. In general, this is a hard optimization problem, requiring an exhaustive search over all possible partitions of the data into k clusters in order to find the optimal clustering. At the same time, fast heuristic algorithms are often applied in many data processing applications, despite having few guarantees on the clusters they produce. In this talk, we will introduce new algorithms and techniques for solving the k-means optimization problem, based on semidefinite relaxation, and present geometric conditions on a set of data such that the algorithm is guaranteed to find the optimal k-means clustering for the data. The new algorithm has surprising connections to matrix factorization and manifold learning, and we conclude by discussing several open problems.

The talk will be followed by a dinner at 30 Boltwood Restaurant. Reservations are required and cost $20 per person. Email awtorrey@amherst.edu for a reservation.

LinkedIn Week: [In]Day Volleyball Tournament

At LinkedIn, “[In]Days” are all about embracing the LinkedIn culture by focusing on a LinkedIn value one day per month and participating in events that reflect the day’s theme. This [In]Day’s theme will be “Play,” and thus will be in the form of a LinkedIn-themed volleyball tournament! Teams will receive team names inspired by some of the LinkedIn values (e.g. Transformation, Integrity, Results, Excellence and more), and will compete in a friendly competition to win some LinkedIn swag!

Teams may have at most 6 players, and all levels of experience are welcome. RSVP’s encouraged (but not mandatory) via email at kashe18@amherst.edu.

Come ready to act like an owner and collaborate with your team to get those positive results!

Peer Gynt trolls: colorful, cartoonish figures with the heads of a pig, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump and others

"Peer Gynt"

The Department of Theater and Dance is proud to present a contemporary adaptation of Peer Gynt, an early play by the renowned Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. It is directed by Assistant Professor Yagil Eliraz and written by Eliraz, Joshua Wren '14 and the company.

This play is a phantasmagorical journey that spans over the lifetime of Peer, a young, dreamy and ambitious man who sets out on a quest to find his true self. From the mountains of Norway to the desert of Egypt, from encountering trolls, to riding a moose, to sailing across the ocean, the audience accompanies Peer on his adventurous journey. Peer wants to fulfill himself, find his self and define who he really is while remaining loyal only to his desires and goals. Peer is the personification of our age—one in which individualism often comes at the expense of solidarity, camaraderie and social consciousness. By joining his journey around the world, we ask ourselves, What is the cost of the obsessive search after our true Self?

Tickets are free and open to the public. Reservations are recommended; call (413) 542-2277.

"The Urgency of Teacher Racial/Ethnic Diversity in an Increasingly Diverse Society" - Presented by Travis Bristol '03

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Frost Library, Center for Humanistic Inquiry (CHI)

At the very moment policy makers call for increasing the racial/ethnic diversity of the teaching force, teachers of color continue to leave the profession at higher rates than their white colleagues. This talk will highlight research that points to the "added value" for students of color when taught by a teacher of color. Additionally, this talk will provide guidance for researchers, policy makers and practitioners looking to recruit, support and retain teachers of color.

Amherst College alumnus Travis J. Bristol '03, a former high school English teacher and World Bank consultant, is an assistant professor in English education at Boston University School of Education with an affiliation in educational leadership and policy studies.

Closeup of Angela Hewitt, smiling

M@A Chamber Series: Angela Hewitt, Piano: "Bach Odyssey"

Partita No. 3 in A minor, BWV 827
Partita No. 5 in G major, BWV 829
Partita in A major, BWV 832
Partita No. 6 in E minor, BWV 830

One of the world’s leading pianists, Angela Hewitt appears in recital and with major orchestras throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. Her renditions of Bach have established her as one of the composer’s foremost interpreters of our time.

“It was a positive sensation. The Canadian pianist is one of the reliably mesmerising musicians of the day. You sit entranced…. It would have been more accurate to say I was floating just below the ceiling.”
The Sunday Times

Tickets go on sale two weeks before each performance. Evening box office opens one hour prior to concert begin. Free Amherst Student rush tickets are available on the night of the performance.

Ticket website: https://amherst.universitytickets.com

Chamber Series:
General Public: $28
Senior Citizens (65+) and Amherst College Employees: $22
Students, with valid ID: $12
Amherst Student Rush tickets on the night of the performance: Free

Tickets Required

Marsh Coffee Haus IV: Where u at, family?

The Marsh house of arts presents the fourth edition of Coffee Haus. Come by to support student arts in the form of music, song, poetry, dance, improv, literature and many many others.

Performers wanted! Email marshcoffeehaus@gmail.com to sign up for a 5-minute slot and present your art (in whichever form it comes). Come and share your talent!

Free and open to the public.