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Monday, April 5, 2021

Mon, Apr 5, 2021

Movement and Mindfulness Morning Workshop

The Learning & Development Team invites you to focus on your wellness with Molly Kitchen. Kick-start your day with invigorating, accessible movement as well as a few minutes of grounding meditation. These workshops will set you up for a calm, focused day and provide you with practical mindfulness tools
you can use and reuse any time. Schedule these breaks as a fun way to start your week, as well as to learn tips for keeping that energy alive each day.

German Table

11:45 am - 1:00 pm Virtual, MOODLE - "Department of German Events"

Please join us anytime from 11:45am-1pm EDT, for our zoom German Table gathering, for an hour of fun chatting auf Deutsch with faculty, language assistants, students and staff. All are welcome!

Math/Stat Table

Math/Stat Table is an informal social time for students and faculty to get together and chat. There's no need to be majoring in Mathematics or Statistics and all are welcome.

The Zoom link will be sent to the Math & Stats listserv in the weekly update email. If you are not part of that group and would like to attend please email:kglista@amherst.edu and the link will be sent to you.

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University of Massachusetts Medical School Information Session

The University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) is the commonwealth’s first and only public academic health sciences center, home to three graduate schools. Its mission is to advance the health and well-being of the people of the commonwealth and the world through pioneering education, research and health care delivery with the school’s clinical partner, UMass Memorial Health Care.

UMMS graduates rank us in the top 1% for student satisfaction among all medical schools, and U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks it as one of the leading medical schools in the nation. Attend this information session to learn more about the school, its programs, and how to successfully navigate its admissions process.

Vocal Action: Anti-Racist and Gender Affirming Practice in Ensemble Work poster

Singing Community Conversation: "What does it mean to center racial and ethnic identities in vocal ensembles?"

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Virtual, via Zoom

In the first workshop of the Vocal Action series, Jxhn Martin, Director of the QRC, and Eun Lee, RCT Dialogue and Training Coordinator, will hold space for participants to pick up the conversation from our first series program with Kaleidoscope Vocal Ensemble. We will work together to further explore/think/ruminate on the prompt, "What does it mean to center racial and ethnic identities in vocal ensembles?," and encourage all to think about how this applies to their ensemble work here at Amherst.
This workshop is possible due to the support of the Arts at Amherst Initiative.

More on the Vocal Action series: The Queer Resource Center and the Choral Society are pleased to present a series of roundtable discussions and workshops addressing and exploring how to lead, facilitate, direct, and participate in vocal ensembles that not only center marginalized folks, but actively create and sustain a more affirming and less harmful interpersonal dynamic and ensemble culture. This multimodal, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary series stems from on-going community conversations addressing how to actualize our collective aspirations to practice racial and gender justice in music-making, study, and the communities we are a part of. Particular attention will be given to the role of ensemble leadership in setting and maintaining affirming practice and culture, and considerations for repertoire, arrangements, and performance. Facilitators from the Resource Centers Team will hold workshop space correlating to the discussions in each roundtable program for the larger singing community at Amherst. In each workshop, participants will map how these themes and practices covered in the discussions can inform their own practices as members and/or leaders in vocal ensemble work at Amherst and beyond.

Registration Required

Biology Monday Seminar

Alicia Melendez, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biology, Queens College and The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, will give a talk on "Autophagy in germline development and aging."

My lab studies how autophagy, a major cellular pathway for degrading long-lived proteins and cytoplasmic organelles, functions during development and aging. Prior work by us (and others) showed that several conserved pathways that control longevity require the function of autophagy genes to live long. More recently, we have found that autophagy genes are required for the germline stem cell proliferation and meiotic fidelity. We use a combination of genetic, molecular and cellular biological approaches in the genetically tractable model organism Caenorhabditis elegans, with the aim to (1) determine the role of autophagy genes in development, specifically in stem cell proliferation, and to (2) understand the mechanism(s) by which autophagy genes are required for lifespan extension. Given the evolutionary conservation of autophagy genes from C. elegans to humans, investigating the molecular mechanisms by which autophagy genes function in vivo during development and aging will lead to a better understanding of these biological processes and may lead to novel therapeutic approaches for human disease.

Persons from the Amherst College community who wish to attend should please register by sending an email request to Professor Caroline Goutte and a Zoom link will be provided.

French Table

Please join your French Language Assistants for the virtual weekly meeting of French Table. French Table is an opportunity for informal conversation in French, and is open to students, faculty, and staff. French speakers of all levels are welcome! If you would like to join this group, please email rgarsault@amherst.edu to receive the Zoom link.

ISDSI Semester in Thailand--Info Session

Are you interested in environmental studies and sustainability issues? Are you fascinated by cultures and ecosystems? Do you enjoy hands-on learning, field studies, and outdoor pursuits? Are you looking for a uniquely immersive and challenging semester abroad in a fascinating and vibrant country? If so, then join us for an info session about ISDSI’s Sustainable Development Studies semester program in Thailand!
Fun Fact: Elephants have played an important role in Thai culture, industry, conflicts, and monarchy. King Rama IV of Siam once offered to send a herd of elephants to the US, but Abraham Lincoln declined, explaining that he thought the climate wouldn't suit them.

Students Only
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KeyBanc Capital Markets Information Session: Public Finance Investment Banking | New York & San Francisco

Any Handshake student with a link to this event can view and RSVP.

Join KeyBanc Capital Markets to learn more about our Public Finance group.

Our Public Finance Group professionals advise, structure and execute financings for governmental issuers, non-profit entities (including those in the healthcare, development finance and higher education sectors, among others) and corporate, tax-exempt borrowers to deliver strategic solutions that help clients achieve their financial goals. The Public Finance Group operates out of thirteen regional offices across the country and has underwritten more than $65 billion in municipal bonds since 2015, with individual issues ranging from $250,000 to over $1 billion. KBCM has been committed to expanding its presence in the municipal finance industry, which is evidenced by its recent acquisition of Cain Brothers & Company, LLC (“Cain Brothers”) in October 2017. Cain Brothers is a pre-eminent healthcare-focused investment banking and public finance firm that specializes in healthcare providers, healthcare services, life sciences and medical technology.

Who should participate?
• College sophomores looking for a summer analyst opportunity for the summer of 2022

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Finance Speaker Series: Buy-Side vs. Sell-Side Research - A Deep Dive Into Career Options

Have you ever wanted to explore or learn more about parts of the finance industry? Do you want to gain a better understanding of the daily activities of particular roles in finance? If so, the Loeb Center's Spring 2021 Finance Speaker Series is a great way to hear from alumni in the finance industry about their companies, their roles and responsibilities, and how they work with other parts of the finance ecosystem or businesses.

Join Amherst alumni -- including Conor Deveny '15, James Yaro '14, and Nolan Lindquist '18 -- as they discuss the daily roles and responsibilities as an investment research analyst. These panelists will provide perspectives on the merits of starting on the sell-side for investment research, as well as the skills and learning acquired when starting on as a research analyst at a buy-side firm.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from recent alumni who have started and stayed at a sell-side investment bank as a research analyst, those that started on the buy side directly after graduation, and those that shifted from the sell-side to the buy-side.

Ongoing Events

Redefining Health: Building Skills for Radical Healthcare Workshop Series

The Department of Health Education and SHES present a new workshop series on health equity! Co-sponsored with Your Embodied Sexuality (YES!), we will offer monthly workshops that expand our understandings of health and provide skills for navigating healthcare and the systems of oppression that shape it. Workshop topics will include self-managed abortion care, medical fatphobia, medical racism, misogyny in healthcare, birth control information and how to perform your own breast and pelvic exams, gender affirming healthcare, medical ableism, death positivity and planning, and more. (Registration required: sign up link will be available on the Daily Mammoth during the week leading up to each workshop.) Contact she@amherst.edu with additional questions.

February 20 at 3pm EST: Building Abortion Knowledge for Self and Community Care
Facilitated by Women’s Medical Fund’s Seneca Joyner and Brittany Chung
Come join the folks at the Women’s Medical Fund and YES! for a skill-building workshop on abortion care! The interactive workshop will offer helpful information on how to care for yourself and others before, during, and after an abortion. We will be working together to expand our understanding of the differences between various abortion methods and sharing knowledge in order to better equip ourselves and our loved ones. We’ll be looking at accessing and experiencing abortion care as whole people who are part of vital, complex communities. The workshop will be a liberation-focused space and an opportunity to discuss the realities of abortion openly and honestly.

March 20 at 3pm EST: Don’t Tell Me to Lose Weight: Navigating and Challenging Medical Fatphobia
Facilitated by Isy Abraham-Raveson
The so-called “obesity crisis” is a fatphobic myth that constructs fatness as a disease that needs to be eliminated for the good of society. In fact, fatness is not correlated to disease, and dieting to lose weight isn’t sustainable and can lead to major health problems. On top of that, this misinformation, along with discrimination and shame, prevents people in large bodies from accessing the healthcare they need. In this workshop we will challenge commonplace myths about fatness and health and develop self-advocacy strategies to use when faced with fatphobia in healthcare settings.

April 17 at 3pm EST: Subverting the Master’s Tools: Effective Strategies for Navigating Racism in Medical Care
Facilitated by Michelle Munyikwa
In this workshop, we will review the concept of medical racism and discuss its implications for folks seeking care in the medical system. After a brief review of the history and politics of racism in American healthcare, we will move on to more applicable concepts. Drawing on the experiences of the presenter and advice from local activist groups, we will discuss concrete strategies for engaging in self-advocacy and advocacy for loved ones navigating a complex, racist system.

May 15 at 3pm EST: Fertile Wounds: An Exploration of Misogyny in Medicine
more information TBD

Registration Required
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Campus Well: The online health and wellbeing magazine

Have you read the latest issue of Campus Well, our online wellbeing magazine? New articles are added weekly. Find the latest issue here: http://amherst.campuswell.com
Why should you click the link?
Learn to mix up your exercise routine with a fun barre-style workout.
Learn how to stay grounded in stressful moments with a 5-minute meditation practice.
Find out which foods to eat (and which foods to go easy on) to help reduce levels of stress hormones.
Try a tried-and-true reading strategy to help retain the information you just read.
Learn to set healthy boundaries in intimate relationships begins with asserting yourself and your needs in everyday life.

Fear Less, anxious thoughts workshop starting April 8

Sign-ups open for Fear Less: Anxious Thoughts Workshop

Join the staff of the Counseling Center in this four-week program which takes a careful look at where anxious thoughts and anxiety come from, how anxiety effects our day to day lives, and what we can do to help reduce and resolve our anxiety.

The series is open to all current students and will run remotely beginning Thursday, April 8, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.