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Monday, April 12, 2021

Mon, Apr 12, 2021

Movement and Mindfulness Morning Workshops with Molly Kitchen

The OHR Learning & Development Team invites you to kick-start your day with invigorating, accessible movement as well as a few minutes of grounding meditation with Molly Kitchen. These workshops will set you up for a calm, focused day and provide you with practical mindfulness tools you can use and reuse any time. Schedule these breaks as a fun way to start your week, as well as to learn tips for keeping that energy alive each day.

German Table

11:45 am - 1:00 pm Virtual, MOODLE - "Department of German Events"

Please join us anytime from 11:45am-1pm EDT, for our zoom German Table gathering, for an hour of fun chatting auf Deutsch with faculty, language assistants, students and staff. All are welcome!

Math/Stat Table

Math/Stat Table is an informal social time for students and faculty to get together and chat. There's no need to be majoring in Mathematics or Statistics and all are welcome.

The Zoom link will be sent to the Math & Stats listserv in the weekly update email. If you are not part of that group and would like to attend please email:kglista@amherst.edu and the link will be sent to you.


Biology Monday Seminar

4:00 pm Virtual

Jeeyon Jeong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, Amherst College, will give a talk on "Navigating the Paradox of Iron: Two Tales from Plants."
Iron is an essential micronutrient in nearly all organisms, but it is also potentially toxic. Therefore, iron must be tightly controlled at the molecular, cellular, and physiological levels. Research in the Jeong Lab focuses on investigating the molecular mechanisms of iron homeostasis in plants. Our goal is to contribute critical knowledge that will advance biology and provide insights to improve plant and human nutrition.
This seminar will focus on two highlights from the Jeong Lab: 1) the characterization of Ferroportin3 (FPN3), a dual-targeted mitochondria/chloroplast iron exporter, and 2) the discovery that histone3 lysine27 trimethylation (H3K27me3) attenuates the induction of iron acquisition gene during iron deficiency.

Persons from the college community that wish to attend should please register by sending an email request to the Biology Department Chair, Professor Josef Trapani, who will provide the Zoom link.

French Table

Please join your French Language Assistants for the virtual weekly meeting of French Table. French Table is an opportunity for informal conversation in French, and is open to students, faculty, and staff. French speakers of all levels are welcome! If you would like to join this group, please email rgarsault@amherst.edu to receive the Zoom link.

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SEO Career: Diversity Internship Program Info Session

SEO Career is the nation’s premier professional development program providing Black, Hispanic, and Native American undergrads with pre-internship development, training, and access to internships across multiple lines of business.

The organization currently partners with over 60 companies offering summer internships nationwide and has a 40-year track record of matching talent with opportunity. More than 80% of recent interns received full-time employment offers from SEO partners—all of which are Fortune 500 companies.

SEO Career accomplishes this through two stages of its program: SEO Edge and SEO Career Success. Participants receive the coaching and technical training needed to compete for paid internship opportunities with SEO partner organizations with the goal of landing a full-time job offer at the conclusion of the internship.

Leading investment banks and Fortune companies partner with SEO Career because they know the organization’s pipeline delivers exceptional interns and entry-level hires from a broad variety of backgrounds. SEO Career launched in 1980 and has over 7,000 alumni to date.

Want to learn more? Attend this information session to hear from SEO representative Sabrina R. Slade and recent Amherst participants Hunter Hughes '22 and Nehemiah McGowan '21!


Alumni-in-Residence: Midwifery is Public Health, with Jodie Simms-MacLeod ‘09

What is a nurse midwife, and why are they essential to the health of communities? In this Loeb Center Alumni-in-Residence event, Jodie Simms-MacLeod ’09, will share her journey as a health professional: how she found midwifery as a career, why it is foundational to community health, the challenges of finding her voice as a leader, and how she brings her passion for public health and reproductive justice to direct clinical care.

Jodie Simms-MacLeod ’09 is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Midwifery Director at University of Tennessee Medical Center. In her current role, she provides direct patient care and leads a team of midwives with the aim of providing equitable, relationship-centered care. As a healthcare provider and leader, Jodie is galvanized by the understanding that the clinical care she provides to women and their families has ripple effects throughout the entire community: that is, midwifery and public health are deeply interconnected.

Jodie found her passion for public health while a student at Amherst, co-founding the Public Health Collaborative and seeking diverse, interdisciplinary coursework through the Five College Culture, Health, and Science Certificate to pair with her biology major. Upon graduating, Jodie joined the first class of fellows at Project Horseshoe Farm, where she explored her interests in rural public health and mental health.

Jodie studied to become a Nurse Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner at Emory and while still in school, volunteered in the community to support local refugee women throughout their pregnancies, births, and postpartum. Health equity, maternal & child health, and reproductive justice remain important priorities for her as she serves patients and families. Jodie cites her Amherst education, and its emphasis on making connections across disciplines, as fundamental to her everyday work: helping her find creative solutions as a leader of a team of health professionals, and emphasizing the role of narrative and culture in health and healing.

Students interested in the health professions, those passionate about public health, women’s health, maternal & child health, reproductive justice, and health disparities, as well as anyone seeking to learn from the experiences of a community health leader and advocate, are encouraged to attend.

Ongoing Events

Redefining Health: Building Skills for Radical Healthcare Workshop Series

The Department of Health Education and SHES present a new workshop series on health equity! Co-sponsored with Your Embodied Sexuality (YES!), we will offer monthly workshops that expand our understandings of health and provide skills for navigating healthcare and the systems of oppression that shape it. Workshop topics will include self-managed abortion care, medical fatphobia, medical racism, misogyny in healthcare, birth control information and how to perform your own breast and pelvic exams, gender affirming healthcare, medical ableism, death positivity and planning, and more. (Registration required: sign up link will be available on the Daily Mammoth during the week leading up to each workshop.) Contact she@amherst.edu with additional questions.

February 20 at 3pm EST: Building Abortion Knowledge for Self and Community Care
Facilitated by Women’s Medical Fund’s Seneca Joyner and Brittany Chung
Come join the folks at the Women’s Medical Fund and YES! for a skill-building workshop on abortion care! The interactive workshop will offer helpful information on how to care for yourself and others before, during, and after an abortion. We will be working together to expand our understanding of the differences between various abortion methods and sharing knowledge in order to better equip ourselves and our loved ones. We’ll be looking at accessing and experiencing abortion care as whole people who are part of vital, complex communities. The workshop will be a liberation-focused space and an opportunity to discuss the realities of abortion openly and honestly.

March 20 at 3pm EST: Don’t Tell Me to Lose Weight: Navigating and Challenging Medical Fatphobia
Facilitated by Isy Abraham-Raveson
The so-called “obesity crisis” is a fatphobic myth that constructs fatness as a disease that needs to be eliminated for the good of society. In fact, fatness is not correlated to disease, and dieting to lose weight isn’t sustainable and can lead to major health problems. On top of that, this misinformation, along with discrimination and shame, prevents people in large bodies from accessing the healthcare they need. In this workshop we will challenge commonplace myths about fatness and health and develop self-advocacy strategies to use when faced with fatphobia in healthcare settings.

April 17 at 3pm EST: Subverting the Master’s Tools: Effective Strategies for Navigating Racism in Medical Care
Facilitated by Michelle Munyikwa
In this workshop, we will review the concept of medical racism and discuss its implications for folks seeking care in the medical system. After a brief review of the history and politics of racism in American healthcare, we will move on to more applicable concepts. Drawing on the experiences of the presenter and advice from local activist groups, we will discuss concrete strategies for engaging in self-advocacy and advocacy for loved ones navigating a complex, racist system.

May 15 at 3pm EST: Fertile Wounds: An Exploration of Misogyny in Medicine
more information TBD

Registration Required
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