The Office of Communications tells the stories of Amherst College, providing the campus community, as well as prospective students, alumni and the public, with a look at Amherst's vibrancy and excellence. This office chronicles the achievements of the College and its faculty, students and alumni through articles, images, video and multimedia content on, as well as in print publications, on social media platforms and through outreach to local, national and global media outlets.

We prepare news for release to newspapers and other media, produce the College homepage and top-level pages of the college website, oversee the College’s sports communication program and organize College-wide events, including each year’s Commencement Weekend. Our projects include the course catalog, Amherst magazine and recruiting publications used by the Admission Office.

We create content — in words, photographs, audio and video formats — that highlights the excellence and uniqueness of Amherst College and its community. 

The Office of Communications also maintains the College’s official presence on social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.

Event Planning

Our Conferences and Special Events team assists in the planning and publicity of major College events, and consults with many departments and campus organizations on their events. Learn more about these services, and about reserving rooms for your meeting or event, on our Event Planning pages. If you’re looking for photographic coverage of an event, visit our Photographic Services page.

Web Design and Communications Services

We assist departments creating or managing webpages on the college website. We can design, organize and write webpages for you in our website’s content management system, or we can explore other technological and design solutions, working with IT’s Web Services team or with vendors. We do everything from building entire websites, to proofreading webpages, to ensuring your pages can be found by search engines. Learn more.

Photographic Services

The Office of Communications provides coverage for major College events (Convocation, Commencement, etc.), the Amherst website and Amherst magazine. For departments or individuals seeking on-campus photographic coverage, we offer several options.

Video Production

The Office of Communications creates original videos that tell the story of Amherst College's history, present activities, and future directions. We also video tape major speakers, events, and presidential communications for the public, the on campus community and/or for archival purposes, depending on the situation. Please direct questions and requests to Roberta Diehl, director of digital communications:

Sports Communications

The Sports Communications team collects and disseminates information about intercollegiate athletics at Amherst, covering athletic events, keeping statistics and writing articles for the Athletics website and print publications.

Office Hours

The Office of Communications is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays during the academic year, and from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. on weekdays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.