Plan an Event at Amherst College

Need to plan a college event, invite a lecturer or arrange an extended conference at Amherst College?

The Conference and Special Events Office (CASE) can help. Located on the second floor of 79 S. Pleasant St., the office is accessible to walk-ins, by e-mail or by telephone.

  • Austin Huot, director of conferences and special events, oversees all of the major college events and is available to assist with speaker events including multi-speaker, multi-day events throughout the year. He can be reached at 413-542-7666 or
  • Paula Mieczkowski, room reservations manager,  manages the reservation system for rooms on campus outside of the traditional academic day or year, as well as all reservations for Johnson Chapel, the Alumni House and Porter Lounge. She can be reached at 413-542-8269 or  Her business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. All calls and e-mails are placed on a queue system for priority reservations and confirmations when completed. Other periods and times can be booked according to the scheduling system. Reservations should always be made in advance and as early as possible. (For clarification of who books what and when, visit our Booking Space page.)

Career Related Events

The Career Center initiates or oversees all career focused events at Amherst College. All companies and organizations that do recruiting on campus are either arranged or monitored by the center at all campus locations, including Keefe Campus Center. Want to recruit Amherst students? Call the Loeb Career Center well in advance to schedule your event at 413/542-2265.

Student Related Events

Student group initiated events on campus are great ways to provide entertainment, education and to build community on campus. The Student Activities Office staff provides support, advisement, and access to resources for Registered Student Organizations (RSO) in the event planning process.  All RSOs must complete the Event Notification or Party Notification form (see website) and have their proposed event approved by the Student Activities Office prior to contracting and publicizing a program. All preparations must be made two weeks in advance of the event.  Click here for information and event planning resources.

Planning your own event?

Consider the following suggestions. You may wish to follow the full process or select the pieces that work best for you. If you have anything to add to the site, please call Austin Huot at 413-542-7666.

Scheduling Your Event
Selecting a date, time and length for your event, and creating a comprehensive event schedule.

Determining costs, planning for overruns, making reimbursements.

Determining Space Needs
Considering audience, atmosphere, capacity and more.

Event Locations
Spaces to consider for events.

Booking Space on Campus
Whom to contact to reserve the room you want.

Arranging On-Site Services
Catering, technology needs, photography and more.

Inviting & Accommodating a Speaker
Selecting a speaker, and planning travel, accommodations, payment and more.

Ensuring Maximum Participation
Publicity and faculty support.

Checklists: Before, During, After
Details that can make or break your event.

Tip: Start an event folder (on paper or electronic) and file all e-mails in a folder for quick reference. An electronic folder works best because it can be easily accessed from anywhere and forever. Keep a log of every step of the event planning process with dates, times and notes.