Possible Event Locations

Spaces to Consider for Events

There are a variety of spaces and locations available on the campus of Amherst College. When selecting space, consider the building, its proximity to other buildings, its position on campus and its accessibility. Consider the type of audience and anticipated number of participants. Consider what kinds of tables and chairs you will need, in what configurations. In some cases, events are held under tents on campus.

Popular event spaces and capacities are noted below. Many of the rooms can be viewed at the classroom site or at the venue photo site.





Conference Rooms, Alumni House    Photos
Meeting 12 - 20 Conference table seats 12, with eight more chairs around perimeter. Parlor seats 8. Carpeted. Relaxed space on edge of campus.
Chapin Lounge, Chapin Hall Photos
Seminar/Lecture/Meeting 14 - 25 Comfortable lounge with soft seating for 12; additional chairs can bring seating to 25.
Founders' Room, Alumni Gymnasium Photos
Seminar/Meeting 25 - 30 Conference table, chairs and couch.
Mullins & Faerber Rooms,  Valentine Hall Photos
Seminar/Lecture or Meeting with meal 24 each; total of 48 Adjacent to Lewis-Sebring Dining Commons, these rooms can stand alone or be joined. They can also be joined with Lewis-Sebring to enlarge that space. Carpeted.
Porter Lounge,   Converse Hall Photos
Seminar/Lecture 40 Fully skylighted room can be setup as a theater style lecture or with tables/chairs. Some soft furniture in place. Carpeted.
Paino Lecture Hall,
Beneski Museum of Natural History 
Lecture (fixed tables and chairs) 60 New, bright space with five rows of fixed tables, slightly descending toward presentation space. No food or drink allowed in room, but allowed in hall. Pass by magnificent dinosaur exhibit to enter.
Chapin Chapel, Chapin Hall Photos
Lecture (variable seating) 80 Open area that can be configured as desired with tables and/or chairs.

Babbott Room, Octagon Building Photos


Lecture (large center table and chairs, with rows of chairs around the exterior and a small balcony) 80 Historic space, accessible only by stairs.
Pruyne Lecture Hall, Fayerweather Hall Photos
Lecture (fixed seating and small desks) 80 Newer hall, five rows of seats descending toward presentation space. Aisles on either side of seating area.
O'Connor Commons,
Charles Pratt Dormitory
Lecture (variable seating, tables with chairs) 100 Newer space, bright, wide open, lots of possibilities for theater-style seating or tables and chairs in a variety of configurations. Not carpeted.

Lewis-Sebring Dining Commons, Valentine Hall Photos

Dining room 120 While primarily used for meals, available after-hours for functions catered by Valentine. Tables can be set for a formal atmosphere. Can be adjoined to the Mullins & Faerber Rooms to seat 148.
Friedmann Room, Keefe Campus Center Photos
Lecture (variable seating or tables with chairs) 120 Has a small stage, is rectangular and can be set up in a variety of styles. Consider booking nearby Campus Center Room 102 for support setup.
Alumni House
Lecture (variable seating or table with chairs)

Lecture or table seating - 80

Standing reception - 125

Frequently used for lectures and receptions. Additional conference room available, with table for 12 and small parlor seating 8.
Cole Assembly Room, Converse Hall Photos Lecture (fixed seating, no desks) 137 Warm red and black decor. Theater seating descending toward presentation space. Four aisles. Top row corners are wheelchair-accessible.  Consider booking adjoining Converse Lobby for reception.
Stirn Auditorium,
Mead Art Museum
Lecture (fixed seating) 188 Older hall. Theater seating with wide horizontal aisle splitting midway and new AV equipment.
Johnson Chapel
Lecture (fixed pew seating)


400 on main floor, 200 in balcony

Traditional historic New England church with pews and balcony








Standing room capacity with doors closed is 450

with doors open there is no capacity limit

Mezzanine capacity is 38

Banquet seating with round tables is 80



Industrial feel with balcony and outdoor terrace

Event Space, Ford Hall




Lecture, Banquet

Lecture seating for 150

Banquet seating with round tables is 80

Event space with full kitchen