Summer Programs Assistants are an integral part of summer operations at Amherst College, engaging with numerous clients and tasks in order to generate a welcoming and comfortable environment. 

What do Summer Programs Assistants do?

Summer Programs Assistants are expected to: 

  • Monitor, answer and respond to a College-provided department cell phone to act as a guest liaison for all matters, including maintenance, information, and non-emergency issues
  • Relay information between clients and full time Summer Programs staff, and troubleshoot under limited supervision
  • Document, type and distribute detailed records of services utilized and/or requested by clients and any issues that they experience during an assigned shift
  • Prepare keys and other materials for camp and conference check-ins
  • Check guests in and out for their on-campus stay
  • Provide linen service to summer programs participants, which includes distribution, collection, and replacement.
  • Transport event supplies and equipment required for each summer program, including air conditioners, window fans, linens, mini fridges, and other equipment that may be requested for residence halls and/or event venues
  • Conduct pre-event inspections to ensure that facilities and venues are prepared for the client’s arrival and that all requested resources and equipment have been provided.
  • Install/remove outdoor event and directional signage
  • Attend regularly scheduled weekly event preparation meetings to review the facilities, services, and schedule associated with each summer program, and to interact with different facets of campus and learn more about campus operations

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SPAs holding lawn signs

Q&A: What was your favorite part about being a Summer Programs Assistant?

"My favorite part of my role as a Summer Programs Assistant was being part of such a kind and supportive team! One favorite moment in particular was when we had the end of the summer ice cream party and the SPAs were able to serve all of our campus partners sundaes as a thank you for their support." - Margaret Azu '21

"My favorite part was Getting to know the participants and the managers of different camps, learning their histories (some of which have been coming to Amherst every summer for 30+ years), and driving the electric golf cart across campus!" - Ala Kaymaram '21

"My favorite part about being a Summer Programs Assistant was being able to connect with such a variety of people over just a summer. I loved getting to know the other SPAs, CASE staff, summer programs directors/staff, and all of the different departments at Amherst (staff in facilities, Val, custodial, and many more). It's fun seeing a lot of familiar faces on campus now after getting to know so many of them!" - Anna Madden '22

SPA in golf cart

Why work as a Summer Programs Assistant?

Summer Programs Assistants will gain invaluable work experience that will provide a solid foundation of skills that are essential for future jobs, all while having fun. Some highlights include:

  • Customer service
  • Phone etiquette
  • Organization skills
  • Working under limited supervision and being self-driven
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Working in a fast-paced environment
  • Quick thinking 
  • Golf cart driving
SPAs in golf cart

Q&A: Why work as a Summer Programs Assistant? What did your role teach you?

"Working as a Summer Programs Assistant, you have the unique opportunity to meet so many people in different departments on campus, like special services, dining services, the lockshop, and the custodial office, and to see how each individual and department works incredibly hard to keep campus running." - Margaret Azu '21

"You get to work with departments and offices across campus. In that process you will learn a lot about the inner workings of an institution of higher learning (in this case your alma mater!). You will learn the extent to which the success of Amherst College as an academic institution depends on its dedicated staff who work hard day in and day out to run the campus operations as smoothly and as effectively as possible. I really enjoyed working for the CASE office — one of the best offices on campus to work for." - Ala Kaymaram '21

"Being a SPA was such a unique experience that I can't really compare to anything that I've ever done and has taught me a lot. I learned how to provide excellent customer service even in tough situations, and I learned how to manage my time well so that I could respond to clients and still complete the daily tasks that were expected of me." - Anna Madden '22

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Position Logistics/Qualifications/Summary:

Each summer, 3 Summer Programs Assistants are hired to provide event support and coordination to 40+ programs from early June through mid August.This position will entail regular night and weekend shifts to support a seven-day operation. Hours vary per week/per day. Interested candidates should have flexible availability to accommodate a rotating work schedule that will include early mornings, late evenings, and 30+ hours per week. Every effort will be made to provide each Summer Programs Assistant with at least one weekend off per month. A weeklong training will be provided in early June.

The ideal candidate for the Summer Programs Assistant job would be someone who has strong interpersonal communication skills, is able to interact with others in a professional and positive manner, is able to ask questions and work independently, and most of all, is willing to learn!