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Communications publishes stories about and by students, faculty and alumni for the College website, the e-newsletter and Amherst magazine—and we welcome your ideas for stories.

News Stories & Editorial Services

We publish stories about and by students, faculty, and alumni for the College website, the e-newsletter and the quarterly Amherst magazine, as well as in newspapers and other media. We welcome your ideas for stories — about faculty research and awards, distinguished senior theses, new departmental initiatives, and notable alumni achievements, for example. We also help departments shape and write content for their websites, and we maintain the College’s editorial style guide

Editorial Values

The value of our work is dependent upon trust—specifically, the reader’s ability to trust that the reporting on all of our platforms is complete and accurate, and that the writing is graceful and clear. We value editorial content that is not only honest and informative but also compelling to read, and we value storytelling that makes creative use of the media, tools, talent, and platforms at our disposal.

Editorial Approach

There are countless stories to tell about Amherst College. Our editorial team has the resources to pursue only a relatively small number of them at any point in time. In weekly editorial meetings, we discuss, debate, and often make difficult judgments about which stories to cover and how to cover them.

Our editorial process is guided by our strategic communications plan, and focuses on five core themes that are at the heart of every story we tell:

  • SENSE OF PLACE      
    Amherst’s identity is rooted in our physical campus and our place in the immediate community, the region, the nation, and the world.
    We are committed to fostering a community where everyone —faculty, students, staff, alumni, and families — feels a sense of belonging and a connection to our mission and to each other.
    We both celebrate our history and seek to scrutinize and learn from it with honesty and integrity. We commit to making continued progress toward living up to our mission in the years to come.
    Curiosity is at the heart of what we do. A small, residential liberal arts community gives students, faculty, and staff the freedom to pursue their passions and grow our understanding of the world.
    We stand for and promote the principles of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, moral courage, and civil discourse that support a healthy democracy.

The Editorial Director makes the final decision on which stories we cover and how we cover them.

Meet Us

Katharine H. Whittemore

I write articles for the College's website and alumni magazine on a truly gratifying range of topics. I also do some editing (headline-writing is a specialty). My time at Amherst began in early 2017, after having been an editor at several great-but-now-defunct magazines (including New England Monthly and Wondertime) and a writer for dozens of publications (such as The Boston Globe and If you think there's a story to cover about the Amherst community, please let me know!

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Katherine D. Duke

Among other responsibilities, I research and write feature-length and shorter articles for Amherst magazine and for the College’s website. I edit and proofread the magazine, as well as web pages, posters, event programs and calendar listings. In addition to a B.A. in English from Amherst (class of 2005), I hold an M.A. in creative writing from Lancaster University in England.  

Pronouns: she/her/hers