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News Stories & Editorial Services

We publish stories about and by students, faculty and alumni for the College website, the e-newsletter and the quarterly Amherst magazine—and we welcome your ideas for stories. We also help departments shape and write content for their websites, and we maintain the College's editorial style guide

Media Communications

We prepare news for release to newspapers and other media. We publicize significant news in the media and manage requests from reporters.


Meet Us

Emily G. Boutilier

I lead the editorial team. We tell the stories of Amherst College and its students, faculty, staff and alumni through the award-winning Amherst magazine (a finalist for the Sibley Award, which is the top honor in the field), on the College's homepage, at amherst.edu/news and in a biweekly email newsletter. 

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Caroline J. Hanna

Caroline J. Hanna

Director of Media Communications

I joined Amherst in 2007 after working in the communications offices of two other prestigious universities. In my current job, I focus on protecting and bolstering the reputation of the College by identifying, developing and pitching stories to the media that reflect Amherst’s strategic priorities. I serve as the main contact for the local, regional and national press; coordinate interviews and visits with reporters; and, in partnership with Conferences and Special Events, help promote select special events. I also write for the website and other College publications, and play a major role in shaping Amherst’s communications strategy in emergency and crisis situations. As a member of the Town of Amherst’s Business Improvement District Marketing Committee, I embrace opportunities to collaborate with local businesses and Five College counterparts, in addition to my College colleagues.

Contact me with story ideas about the following departments/offices: President's Office, Beneski Museum, Biology, Environmental Studies, Geology, Neuroscience & Psychology, Physics & Astronomy and Biochemistry & Biophysics.

Pronouns: she/her/hers