Photographic Services at Amherst College

The Office of Communications provides coverage of major college events, such as Convocation and Commencement, as well as providing photos for the Amherst website and Amherst Magazine.

For departments or individuals seeking on-campus photographic coverage, the Office of Communications offers several options:

  • If you are looking for existing stock photography of campus, please visit our Flickr set.
  • Certain athletic events, major college events and performances are also photographed by the Office of Communications and made available through Flickr.
  • If you would like to hire a photographer for your event, two options are available:
    • The Office of Communcations maintains a list of freelance photographers; call (413)-542-2321 for information. Please note that the hiring department is responsible for all fees.
    • Student photographers trained and equipped by the Office of Communications; please call (413)-542-2320 for a list of active photographers. Please note that the students are hired as freelancers and set their own fees.