Screenshot of the college online event calendar and the the Daily Mail on a mobile phone

Calendar & Daily Mail

Post your events on the calendar and announcements in the Message Center system, to include them in the Daily Mail.

Post an Announcement on Your Website

Like how this announcement stands out? We can help you post an announcement that looks like this, on your own department website. 

Promoting Events & Posting Announcements

We oversee the college Event Calendar and the Message Center/Daily Mail system, and we can work with you to identify the best vehicles to get your message out on campus and beyond. We also assist with distributing press releases and answering questions and requests from media outlets.

Email Newsletters & Templates

Collaborating with Advancement, we generate templates for email communications and suggest best practices for sharing your news. We publish the e-News, a biweekly email sent to alumni, parents and the campus community.

Digital Signs

Have you seen the bright TV displays in Keefe Campus Center, Converse Hall and other locations around campus? Departments promote events and news on these signs, with colorful posters, scrolling events, socia media news and more. Contact Roberta Diehl to learn about getting a sign in your building, or promoting your event on an existing sign. 

Arts Communications

We promote the arts programs and museums on campus with a monthly newsletter, social media accounts, and articles on the Amherst website and magazine. For assitance, contact Rachel Rogol at 413-542-8513 or

Sports Communications

We publish information scores and information about intercollegiate athletics at Amherst; cover athletic events; and keep statistics and writing articles for the Athletics website, social media, and print publications. For more information, contact: Craig Kaufmann at 413-542-2390 or