How to Use the Message Center & Daily Mail

The Amherst Message Center enables all students, faculty, and staff to share news, announcements, upcoming events, and other information with everyone on campus, as well as customize how you receive such information. The Message Center system includes the Daily Mail, an all-campus email sent every weekday at 8 a.m.

All events on the college Event Calendar are automatically included in the Daily Mail. You may wish to also post announcements about your event ahead of time.

Learn how the Message Center works:

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You as a recipient can:

  • select from one of 11 categories of information (e.g., Academics, Campus Business, Personal Classifieds, Social Events).
  • customize how you want to receive this information—via the Daily Mail email, individual e-mails, or individual texts.
  • see Message Center notices in a box on the My Amherst page, and customize where and whether that box appears.
  • view and search all notices at any time in the Message Center tab in My Amherst.

You as a sender can:

  • post notices (by name; the system does not permit anonymous posts) to students, faculty or staff; to combinations of those groups; or to first-years, sophomores, juniors or seniors.
  • post a message of up to 650 characters containing the information you want to share.
  • assign your message to the relevant information category so it reaches those interested in it.
  • receive email responses directly from individuals interested in your Message Center news.

New to campus? By default, you are opted in to all categories of information through the “Daily Mail” email that arrives in your inbox each weekday. If you wish to opt out of categories, or customize how you recieve information, see our instructions for customizing your Message Center preferences and using the rest of the features in the Message Center.

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