Friendly Reminders

  • Please limit your announcement to THREE APPEARANCES, which you can schedule when you submit your announcement. 
  • Avoid duplicates: Check Announcements I’ve Posted to see how many announcements you have lined up. 
  • Please do not use ALL-CAPS for your whole title. The occasional word in all-caps is fine.

The Daily Mammoth Email Announcements

The Amherst Daily Mammoth enables all students, faculty, and staff to share news, announcements, upcoming events, and other information with everyone on campus.

Questions? Contact Madeline Levine in the Office of Communications. 

Reading Announcements

Categories and Audiences

  • Announcements are organized under subject categories, such as “Academic” or “Campus Business.”
  • Since submitters can choose which audience to send their announcement to, you won't see all announcements in the Daily Mammoth email digest. For example, if you are a staff member, you won’t receive announcements that were sent to students.
  • You can see announcements for all audiences (students, faculty, staff) via “See All Announcements” under My Amherst.

Posting Annoucements

Submit an Announcement

announcement screenshot showing what appears where

At the Daily Mammoth on My Amherst, click “Submit an Announcement.”

Note: STUDENTS must submit announcements by 1:00 PM of the weekday before they wish to have the announcement appear. See details below, under Timing.

  1. Enter a title. The title is limited to 80 characters.
    • Please don’t use ALL-CAPS for your whole headline. The occasional all-caps word is fine.
  2. Enter a subtitle. The subtitle is limited to 80 characters and appears in Amherst’s “Ice Age Blue” color.
    • The subtitle is a good way to note a date, location, deadline, or other key piece of information.
  3. Enter the text of your announcement. The text is limited to 500 characters.
  4. Enter a link for more information. The link will appear as a “More...” link at the end of your announcement.
    • You can link to a webpage, a calendar event, a Facebook event, or other URL.
    • You can include additional links in the body of your announcement by pasting in the complete web address (e.g., ). Put a character space before and after the web address to ensure that it will work properly as a link.
    • Linking to Google documents will cause Gmail to display the link as an attachment at the end of the Daily Mammoth (only when viewing in Gmail). This doesn't cause any harm, and in fact might bring extra attention to your link. Your link will still appear normally within your announcement, in addition to appearing as an attachment. 
  5. Choose the audience for your announcement. For example, to send your announcement to first-year students only, choose “First-years.” Please be selective in choosing your audiences, to avoid sending your announcement to people who don’t need to see it. 
  6. Choose up to three publication dates. By default, your announcement will appear in the next Daily Mammoth email digest. You can change that if you wish, and you can pick two additional dates.
  7. Choose a category for your announcement. Click the small “i” by each category to see its definition.
  8. Faculty and staff can edit their announcements up until 7:50 a.m. of the morning the announcement is scheduled to appear in the Daily Mammoth email digest.
  9. You can see all your messages via “Announcements I’ve Posted” anytime.

(Read the policy/guidelines for more information.)

Repeating Announcements

  • When submitting your announcement, you may schedule it to appear up to three times.
  • Please do not submit the same announcement more than once in order to repeat it more than three times. In order to keep the Daily Mammoth manageable for readers, we ask submitters to please limit their announcements to three appearances total per announcement.
  • Please see Announcements I’ve Posted to see all your messages and check for duplicates.


Announcements submitted by STUDENTS before 1:00 p.m. weekdays (excluding holidays) and meeting the guidelines will appear in the next morning’s 8 a.m. Daily Mammoth and/or on the dates scheduled in the submission form.

For example, an announcement from a STUDENT that meets the policy/guidelines and is

  • submitted by 1:00 p.m. Monday (excluding holidays) will be distributed in Tuesday morning’s Daily Mammoth.
  • submitted at 1:01 p.m. Thursday will appear in the Daily Mammoth on Monday morning (excluding holidays).

Announcements submitted by FACULTY AND STAFF will appear in the next 8 a.m. Daily Mammoth and/or on dates scheduled in the submission form. Faculty and staff may edit their announcements up until 7:50 a.m. of the morning the first announcement is scheduled to appear.

See Past Messages

At the Daily Mammoth on My Amherst, click the “Archived” radio button near the search box. While in “Archived” view, you may click a category to see archived announcements in that category.


Contact us via Amherst’s Website Service form.

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