Friendly Reminders

Help us reduce the length of the Daily Mammoth!

When submitting your announcement, you may schedule it to appear up to three times per event (or per semester for informational announcements).  

Check for duplicates by going to Announcements I’ve Posted to see all of your messages. 

For All Users

User Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the person submitting the announcement—not of anyone associated with forwarding announcements to the Daily Mammoth—to ensure that each announcement submitted for distribution fully meets these guidelines. 

Announcement Requirements

All announcements must:

  1. Pertain to matters directly related to Amherst College and its offices, departments, organizations, programs, projects, or individuals.
  2. Conform to the College’s Terms & Conditions of website use.
  3. Be limited to three publication dates per announcement per semester. (There is no limit on how many different announcements can be posted, but please do not repeat the same announcement more than three times per semester.)
  4. Link to secure forms only. Forms must be on:
    • Amherst College Google Forms (you must be logged into your Amherst Google account when creating the form)
    • Amherst College website (submit a request to the Communications web team)
    • Amherst College-contracted application (such as Qualtrics, Maxient, or EthicsPoint) 
    • Official town, state, or other government website. 
    • If you need to link to another type of non-Amherst form and aren't sure whether the form is secure, email for assistance.


Note to Students

If an announcement does not meet the above guidelines, the student who submitted it will be NOTIFIED BY EMAIL that the proposed announcement must be revised to meet these guidelines. The student should review the announcement and these guidelines, make the appropriate corrections to ensure it fully meets these guidelines, and resubmit the proposed announcement. The resubmitted announcement will then re-initiate its entry into the normal review process.

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