Homepage screenshot showing quote from Professor Marisa Parham, One of the arguments a lot of digital humanists make is: In x number of years, we won't call it the digital humanities. It will just be the humanities.

Website Request Form

Need assistance with an existing website? Want to create a new page/site? Did you find a typo or a broken link? We can help.

Students holding welcome signs jump into the air on the quad at Orientation

Photography Request Form

If you would like to request a photographer for an event, need a portrait taken, or otherwise require a photographer, please fill out our request form.

A photo of the Amherst College Facebook page

Social Media Request Form

We can help with all aspects of your social media presence, including helping you create a social media account or managing an existing social media platform. Fill out our request form for help.

Digital screen in gym shows recent game scores and the mammoth mascot

Digital Sign Request Form

Submit a poster for display on digital signs around campus. Go to our form for details.

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Submit a News Story Idea

Communications publishes stories about and by students, faculty and alumni for the College website, the e-newsletter and Amherst magazine—and we welcome your ideas for stories.

Visual indentity pieces, including a mammoth logo, the college wordmark, and a color chart

Visual Identity Toolkit

Find official Amherst College logos and more, as well as instructions for use, in our Visual Identity Toolkit (VIT).