Get a Custom Amherst Social Media Icon

Amherst College social icon, showing the letter A against an image of the Holyoke Range, in two purples.

Running a social media account for your Amherst department? We can make a custom icon for you. 

Note that our icons will be updated in the fall/winter of 2017, in accord with Amherst’s new visual identity system. Watch for announcements in October 2017. 

Your icon will fit in our family of icons, with the Amherst “A” and the Holyoke Range background, in our official Amherst purples. Each icon is designed to look distinctively Amherst, yet unique for each department. (Note, these icons aren’t available for individual or personal accounts.)

Check out the icons on our main Amherst Facebook and Arts & Museums on Facebook

Where Can I Use My Icon?

The icon we’ll give you is sized to work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and more.

Our icons are designed specifically for the context of social media, where the full name always appears in text near the icon, and icons are displayed at very small sizes. For that reason, the icon does not contain the name, but only an image to distinguish the department.

Note that these icons should not be used on the Amherst website, where we will continue to use the general channel icons (the Facebook “F” and the Twitter bird, etc.) for “Follow us” links.

How Can I Get an Icon?

To get a custom icon for your department, please contact us: