Whether you’re producing social graphics, a brochure, a website, or a grant proposal, using the Amherst Visual Identity Toolkit will result in a strong visual identity for your piece and—collectively—for the College as a whole. If you have questions, please email commassets@amherst.edu.


For questions about the Amherst academic, administrative, spirit, and athletic graphic identity marks, contact Amherst Communications at commassets@amherst.edu for more information and to download College logotypes. 

Ordering Stationery

For questions about stationery, contact Campus Print & Mail at (413) 542-2528 or email printandmail@amherst.edu.


Q: Why do I need to follow identity guidelines?

A: Amherst College is a single institution that offers a variety of programs of exceptional quality in the liberal arts. Given this diversity, it is necessary to establish a set of guidelines that position the College’s identity under one unified set of standards.

Q: May I create my own custom icon, wordmark, or logotype for an academic unit, department, program, institute, center, or office?

A: No. To maintain consistency throughout the system, the program prohibits the use of any additional iconography, marks, artwork, wordmarks, or logotypes outside of the approved logotypes, wordmarks, seal, and Mammoth. 

Q: May I create an official Amherst monogram or an official wordmark by typing Amherst College or an Amherst academic unit’s name in Tiempos?

A: No. The approved Amherst monogram and wordmark, as well as Amherst departmental wordmarks, have been carefully and uniquely designed by identity specialists. These graphics files are available to download. You may seek the advice and assistance of the graphic designer in the Office of Communications to use these files properly.

 Q: May I use the seal by itself without the wordmark?

A: Yes, in limited applications, the seal may be used as a graphic element. However, it should never be used as the only representation of the College.

Q: Are the approved typefaces (Tiempos, Soho and Setimo) available for free?

A: Licensing restrictions prevent us from distributing the typefaces for free. Visit the typography page for information on purchasing Tiempos, Soho, and Setimo.

Q: Where can I get approved artwork to be in compliance with the Amherst Visual Identity Toolkit?

A: For vendors and members of the public; the Amherst community, see Academic & Administrative Identity or Athletics & Spirit Idenity

Q: Who owns the copyright to Amherst artwork?

A: Amherst College is the copyright owner by origination or assignment of any representation of an Amherst mark. Please contact Amherst Trademarks and Licensing at trdmarks@amherst.edu if you have further questions about ownership of copyrights. To request a license, please fill out this the trademark and licensing form.

Q: How do I order letterhead, envelopes and business cards?

A: Contact Campus Print & Mail at 413.542.2528 or email printandmail@amherst.edu.

Q: Is there a budget for transitioning to the graphics in the VIT?

A: There is no College-wide budget specifically for this. We recommend that you use up whatever stock of envelopes, stationery, or other printed materials that you already have. When you’ve exhausted your supply would be the time to switch to the new wordmark, seal, etc. and pay for it from your departmental budget, as you normally would.