For Amherst College Website Editors

If you’ve looked around the College website, you’ll have seen quite a variety of designed elements and interactive displays. If you’re creating webpages on, contact Communications for help. We have lots of options! Some of our components are specialized, while others are used frequently across the site. We can advise you on which display components will best suit your content and we’ll set them up for you, allowing you to edit as needed.

cardinal in a winter scene

Formatted Article with Image

new option under “flexible article”

This new display option combines the ease of a pre-formatted component with the flexibility of a regular article.  Upload an image and it will automatically appear in the upper left. (Don’t have a photo? See Image Resources.) The subheading will appear in “Ice Age Blue” under the main title. Add a date if your post is a timely announcement or news item.

You can make your body text as short or as long as you wish. To break up long text, add subheadings and bulleted or numbered lists.

You can also add up to four buttons, which will appear at the bottom. 


Flexible Callout

Widely used across the College website, the Flexible Callout requires an image and can have up to four buttons. 

Video Callout

October 9, 2019

This callout holds a video hosted at YouTube. Contact us in Communications for help displaying your video on the website.

Announcement Component


This is the “Flexible Article: Announcement” display component. The image is optional. Use this component for brief and timely announcements with links to more information. 

Slideshow Gallery

Our slideshow gallery, below, can hold any number of slides. Each image can be opened in “lightbox” view, to be viewed at full size. Captions are optional. The slideshow can be set to auto-advance through the slides (a pause button allows the viewer to stop the auto-advance).

Featured Article

Microbotryum on Dianthus
This graphic, provided by Professor Hood, features a plot of mating type chromosomes of the fungus.

Fungal Model to Shed New Light on Human DNA

The National Institutes of Health has awarded Professor Michael Hood a $444,651 grant to investigate the problem of chromosome degeneration.

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Expandable Article—Compact

Image Grid Callout

Below is the “Image Grid Callout” display component, which holds exactly four images and four buttons. 

sun shining over the War Memorial and the Holyoke Range
“Image with Caption” component

Photo Checklist Display Component

Below is a special, interactive component that we use on high-level pages, with some exceptions. 

Sandy Genelius

Sandy Genelius

Chief Communications Officer

This is our faculty/staff contact display type. You can add a description below the contact details, if you wish.

Facts Display Component

Use the below component to add colorful “by the numbers” facts. 

Full-Width Display Components

Below are examples of our full-width display components, which display across the width of the page, appearing below the left column.