May 6, 2021

Dear Students,

I write to you to provide some information regarding housing for the fall semester. 

Most of the students who elected to take a gap year or a leave of absence during this past year have indicated that they intend to return to Amherst College for the fall semester. That means we have more students coming back to campus than we typically have in a fall semester. To provide housing for all students who want to return, the College must make some adjustments and changes to our housing stock, including converting some singles to double occupancy and potentially some lounges into rooms. 

Here are a few pieces of information about the housing process for the fall semester: 

  • All students will receive assignments by preference-guided placements in a process similar to this past year. The Office of Residential Life will communicate information about the housing process and projected timeline soon.
  • For now, we will be conducting the off-campus housing portion of the housing selection process. Students interested in living off campus should visit the off-campus housing webpage to review the updated guidelines. Students must submit an application and a limited number of students will be permitted to live off campus. 
  • As previously announced, we anticipate returning to pre-pandemic academic and student life as much as we can next fall, which would mean that off-campus students will be permitted to travel to and from campus to attend classes, participate in the meal plan, and socialize with students in on-campus buildings. We also anticipate that on-campus students will be able to travel off campus. 
  • However, there will likely be a continuation of health and travel protocols to some degree, including, but not limited to, limitations on gathering sizes, a testing protocol, and isolation protocols for students who contract the virus. Students living off-campus will be expected, as always, to adhere to all College policies and standards as a condition for permission to live off-campus. Students who host or participate in off-campus activities in violation of these policies will be subject to disciplinary action.

Our ability to come together as a community and our collective effort towards keeping our community safe and healthy has resulted in a fairly successful year for all of us. That same spirit will be needed for the fall semester, and we appreciate both your understanding and your active cooperation and support!

Other decisions, such as the dates of move-in, will be communicated as soon as possible so you can be best prepared. 


Karu Kozuma

Chief Student Affairs Officer

Pronouns: He/Him/His