November 20, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We have been notified by the Broad Institute that turnaround times for receiving test results will be longer than usual. They have indicated that you can expect to receive your results within 36-48 hours of their receipt of the test. (Samples are generally delivered to the lab within 4-6 hours of being administered.) Turnaround times should return to the normal approximately 14 hours by early next week. Please note that the delays do not affect the accuracy of the tests.

For students, if you have not received your results before you had planned to leave campus, you may consider delaying your departure if feasible. If not, we encourage you to take every possible precaution during your travel. If you have not received your results when you reach your destination, you are urged to self-quarantine until you receive them. 

Please email with any questions.


John Carter

Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety