January 8, 2021

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty,

We received positive test results this morning for three individuals:

  • A student who arrived on campus, with permission, on Sunday. They tested negative upon arrival, but registered a positive result this morning for their second on-campus test. They have been moved into isolation housing. There are no close contacts.
  • A staff member who worked on campus on Sunday. They are in isolation at home. Any close contacts identified by contact tracing, which is underway, will also quarantine at their homes.
  • A contractor who was scheduled to work on campus. They were tested at the College’s Testing Center as part of our protocol for contractors and prior to their scheduled time on campus. The individual had no close contacts in our community and is under their doctor’s care.

The student and staff members will continue to be monitored by the College. The dashboard has been updated. Note that the contractor will be registered as “staff” because their positive test result was part of the College’s testing protocol, but will not be included in “active cases” because they are not a member of the Amherst College community.

We urge you to:

          Keefe Health Center (413) 542-2267

           Counseling Center (413-542-2354 or counsctr@amherst.edu)

           Class deans: They are available to all students.

Thank you for your continued cooperation. 

John Carter
Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety