Appreciation Bonus, Student Arrivals, Updated Online COVID-19 Training Program

Appreciation Bonus

A reminder that the appreciation bonus of $1,000 is being given to all faculty and regular and casual staff, part-time and full-time, who were actively employed as of December 18. Bonus payouts, which are subject to required tax withholdings, will be included in the January 29 paychecks. A Mammoth thanks to all for your continued service to Amherst!

Student Arrivals

Over this past weekend the College welcomed just over 50 students back to Amherst, bringing the total number of students currently on campus to approximately 110. 

We provided pre-arrival tests to these students and, as is now our standard practice, tested them immediately upon their arrival to campus using the Broad Institute testing protocol. There were no positive cases.

Most of these students had planned to arrive on campus at the beginning of January, but their arrival was delayed due to guidance issued on December 24 by the Massachusetts Secretaries of Health and Human Services and Education. As part of its enhanced measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19, the guidance discouraged colleges and universities from bringing students back to campus until mid-January, but did not apply to students who were currently residing on campus or who had no other housing options during that period. 

Online COVID-19 Training Updated

Given the importance of ensuring that everyone on campus is familiar with Amherst’s health and safety protocols, updated online COVID-19 training will be required of all faculty and staff approved to be on campus, as well as all students who are, or will be, in residence before the start of the spring semester—even if they previously completed the training. 

An updated version of the training program—which has been changed to reflect the most current information about the virus—will be available in the coming weeks. More details about it will be communicated to everyone living or working on campus soon.