February 22, 2021

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty,

  • Two students received positive test results this morning. Currently, they both are asymptomatic, feel well and are in isolation housing. One student had nine close contacts and the other student had 14; those students are all being moved to quarantine housing. The total number of close contacts for two positive test results is alarming. While the contact tracing team believes that they resulted from separate, small-sized group interactions, the number of close contacts amplifies the need to be extremely diligent about masking and physical distancing. Simply put: if you cannot maintain six feet between individuals, regardless of masking, you should not be in the same space. In these first few weeks of the semester, we need to establish the diligence and personal responsibility that will allow us to complete the semester on campus. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

John Carter

Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety