Vaccination Phases and Rates, and a Mammoth Testing Milestone

New Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccination Phase 2 Groups Becoming Eligible

The Vaccinated, by the Numbers

  • Many members of our community have already been vaccinated. 

  • As of this morning, more than 13% of employees and 3% of students actively working or living on campus have reported that they have been fully vaccinated (two weeks after the final dose)

  • At the same time that vaccination rates are rising on campus and in Massachusetts generally, so, too, are COVID-19 cases—and many of those cases are being diagnosed in individuals 29 and younger, which, logically, is of concern.  

  • Because of this, we urge you to continue to follow the College’s health and safety processes, protocols and guidelines and Massachusetts guidance diligently, particularly wearing face masks, washing hands and practicing safe physical distancing.

  • Your continued adherence to these guidelines goes a long way toward keeping us all healthy.

Testing Center to Surpass 100,000 COVID-19 Tests Milestone

  • On April 5, the Testing Center expects to administer its 100,000th COVID-19 test!

  • The numbers tell the tale: Since July 13, 2020, when the Testing Center opened, we've administered 97,105 tests to members of our community. 

  • Because of Amherst’s rigorous testing regimen and commitment to safeguarding the health and safety of members of the College community, the COVID-19 positivity rate for our campus community has never exceeded .79%. 

  • A Mammoth thank you to our dedicated Testing Center organizers and staffers for their work, as well as to our students and employees for wearing masks, following physical distancing guidelines and maintaining proper hygiene. Let’s keep our success going!